• In Occitania, outgoing socialist Carole Delga easily won the regional elections with 58% of the vote.

    And without having made a covenant.

  • Behind her, Jean-Paul Garraud, the RN candidate made 24% and only slightly improved his score in the first round.

  • For the right, Aurélien Pradié (LR) is 18%.

    The young deputy from Lot is preparing for the future.

There was no real doubt about her victory, she made it a triumph.

By winning nearly 58% of the vote in the second round of regional elections, the socialist Carole Delga easily secured her re-election at the head of the Occitanie region and widened the gap with the RN as with the right.

A personal victory

"This victory obliges me and honors me", reacted Sunday evening with pride the best reelected president of France in front of her supporters gathered on a terrace of the Capitol. Dressed in red, on a place still decked out in red and black from another victory, that of Stade Toulousain in the Top 14 final on Friday evening, the 49-year-old socialist promised "to Occitans and Catalans" to fight for them "With ethics, courage and fidelity". And freely. Because, with a score already surprisingly high in the first round (39.57%), the former minister of François Hollande made neither alliance “nor compromise” for the second. Not even with EELV ecologists, let alone LREM. For this second term,the one Anne Hidalgo believes embodies "the left of solutions" will therefore be able to govern without bothering with small calculations to get her decisions through. It promises to help at its level to the "industrial sovereignty" and health of France, to work for the emergence of the green plane and to fight against social determinism.

A poor performance of the RN

Carole Delga insists on another satisfaction at the end of this election, that of presiding "a region which is pushing back the far right".

With a score of around 24% of the vote, RN Jean-Paul Garraud only slightly improved his score in the first round (22.61%).

Above all, he finished well below the score obtained in 2015 for the RN by Louis Aliot (33.87%).

Carole Delga "gives the impression of walking on water but it's a puddle," commented bitterly, in reference to the burst of participation that did not take place, the candidate magistrate which Marine Le Pen wants to make his Minister of Justice if she ever arrives at the Elysee Palace.

The results of local elections

The right is dated

With 18% of the vote, the LR candidate Aurélien Pradié climbs on the smallest step of the podium at the end of this triangular without suspense. If the deputy for Lot does less than the political scientist Dominique Reynié (21.35%) who wore the colors of the right in 2015, he greatly improves his score in the first round (12.19%). The young deputy from Lot recognizes that "Occitanie is one of the most difficult regions for [his] political family". But, at 35, he takes a date for 2027, convinced to embody the only credible alternation to the dominant regional left.

Moreover, Jean-Luc Moudenc (LR), the mayor of the Pink City is counting on Aurélien Pradié "to organize substantive work intended to prepare the future" of the right to the regional council.

In the meantime, the councilor wants to continue working with Carole Delga "in a constructive spirit, to serve the general interest and the common good".

The LGV battle between Bordeaux and Toulouse has not yet been entirely won.

Carole Delga and Jean-Luc Moudenc will not be too two to raise the necessary billions.


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