China News Service, June 28. According to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the 28th, according to the "Notice of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the Implementation of the 2021 Independent Fishing Motivation Measures on the High Seas", China has officially started operations in parts of the high seas of the Southwest Atlantic and East Pacific starting from this year. Implement measures to suspend fishing on the high seas.

During the voluntary fishing moratorium, all Chinese squid fishing boats should stop fishing operations in order to conserve squid resources on the high seas.

  According to reports, the specific sea areas and time for the implementation of the voluntary suspension of fishing on the high seas are as follows: July 1 to September 30, between 32°S—44°S and 48°W—60°W The high seas of the Southwest Atlantic Ocean; September 1 to November 30, the high seas of the East Pacific between 5°N-5°S and 110°W-95°W.

  The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stated that the implementation of the measures for the voluntary moratorium on high seas is an innovative fishery management measure taken in some high seas areas that are not yet managed by international organizations.

In 2020, China will pilot independent measures to close the open seas in key fishing grounds where Chinese ocean-going fishing vessels operate in the Southwest Atlantic and East Pacific. More than 600 ocean-going fishing vessels and ocean-going fishery auxiliary vessels belonging to more than 70 ocean-going fishing companies within the fishing moratorium are in compliance Evacuation, no illegal fishing occurred in the closed fishing zone.

According to experts from the China Ocean Fisheries Association, Shanghai Ocean University and other organizations to analyze and demonstrate the effects of the fishing moratorium in 2020, in the open sea areas of the Southwest Atlantic and Southeast Pacific, the cumulative production of squid from January to April 2021 has increased compared to the same period last year, and the resource status is good. As a result, the effect of the fishing moratorium has initially appeared.