The family of an Air Force noncommissioned officer who was a victim of sexual assault held a press conference for the first time since this incident.

The father, who put his daughter's dog tag around his neck, strongly requested a National Assembly investigation, saying he could not believe the results of the current Ministry of Defense investigation and audit.

Correspondent Kim A-young reported.


38 days after Sergeant A made the extreme choice and 27 days after the Ministry of National Defense launched a joint investigation, the bereaved family volunteered for a press conference.

[A Sergeant's father: I trusted the (military) organization and waited for the results of the investigation.

However, my daughter is here in Yeong-real, that cold temperature of minus 15 degrees…


The father, who came out with his daughter's dog tag around his neck, appealed to the National Assembly, saying he could not trust the investigation and inspection of the Ministry of National Defense.

[Sergeant A's Father: The investigation at the Ministry of National Defense Investigation Headquarters and the Office of the Inspector General is inappropriate, and a state investigation is inevitable.]

This incident also led to criticism of the Military Prosecutor's Office Investigation Review Committee, which was introduced for the first time in history.

[A Sergeant's father: (At the investigation deliberation committee), there are still only three people who recommended the arrest and prosecution. (The investigation committee) feels like a shield.]

Sergeant A's mother, who could not stop crying from the beginning of the interview, fainted during the press conference.

The Ministry of National Defense said, "I will be mindful of the bereaved family's comments," but said, "It is not appropriate to comment on the state investigation."

With the will to continue the investigation, the Ministry of National Defense Investigation Headquarters has criminally charged the 20th Fighter Wing Military Police Battalion Commander, who recently recommended that the Investigation Review Committee take punishment rather than disciplinary action on charges of negligence.

The battalion commander is suspected of poorly conducting the initial investigation into the sexual harassment case.

The number of suspects in this case has increased to 21 as two people, including the head of the 15th Squadron's Operation and Control Office, who are suspected of secondary assault, also turned into suspects.

(Video coverage: Han Il-sang, video editing: Won-hee Won)