China News Service, June 27. According to "Central News Agency" reports, Argentine prosecutors will investigate the death of the late football superstar Maradona on the 28th and interrogate his personal doctor.

Before Maradona died, a total of seven people, including the doctor, were suspected of failing to take care of them.

  According to reports, this interrogation by Leopoldo Luque, a 39-year-old private doctor in Maradona, will end the prosecution's interrogation process over the past two weeks, during which seven people will be invited to the case one by one.

  The judge will then decide whether to order a trial. This process may take several years. Once convicted, the seven suspects may face sentences ranging from 8 to 25 years.

Data map: On November 30, 2020, Argentine fans took to the streets and shouted to commemorate Maradona.

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  Maradona died of a heart attack in November 2020 at the age of 60.

He had undergone surgery for a blood clot in the brain a few weeks before his death.

  Maradona left five children behind. Two of them filed a lawsuit against neurosurgeon Luke, accusing him of being responsible for his father’s postoperative deterioration. The prosecution then launched an investigation.

  Convened by Argentine prosecutors, a team of 20 medical experts stated last month that Maradona’s treatment was full of “flaws and irregularities”, saying that Maradona’s life or death was at the mercy of “fate” .

  The 20-member expert panel concluded that if Maradona received proper treatment at the appropriate medical institution at that time, he “has a better chance of survival.” However, Maradona was located in the capital, Buenos Aire. The residence in the suburbs of Sri Lanka was taken care of by the home and "died lonely" on the bed.

  Luke has repeatedly denied guilt.

He described Maradona as a friend, and recently said that he was "proud of everything he did to help Maradona."

Luke also sought to dismiss the lawsuit and said that Maradona had been very frustrated before his death.

Luke once said: "I know that the (new crown epidemic) quarantine measures have hit him (Maradona) very hard."

  According to reports, Luke may refuse to respond to the prosecution's investigation on the 28th and instead submit a written statement.