Netherlands-Czech Republic 0-2

Finland's victory over Denmark before Sunday night was the biggest surprise result of the European Championships.

Otherwise, the pre-favorites have held up well in 40 previous fights.

Germany, of course, was tied for Hungary, but went on.

Sweden bored the Spanish attack.

However, both survived.

On Sunday it pounded really well.

The Netherlands had won all three of their struggles in their initial block, while the Czech Republic made it into the top 16 through a block-trip comparison.

It had clear setups for the struggle.

Hardly any orange overpass would be seen, but an effortless win would probably still be made.

Everything else.

Dutch football has had a particularly high number of critical questions in recent years.

The team did not first survive the previous European Championships in France in 2016. After that, the 2018 World Championships in Russia were also missed.

In the spring of 2019, the country’s big club, but compared to European waste, the small Ajax delighted in the Champions League.

Frenkie de Jong and Matthijs de Ligt were the most coveted young footballers in the world.

The game of “oranges” has been fresh again recently after the two qualifiers.

A clean block win and eight goals scored in three matches even lifted the Netherlands into the tournament favorites.

The opening half between the Netherlands and the Czech Republic will not go down in the history of the European Championships.

The Dutchman who flew in the group stage looked sensitive, and the game progressed the way the Czech Republic wanted.

Right at the beginning of the second half it started to happen.

First, Donyell Malen of the Netherlands escaped from the Czech defense, but a smear run through goalkeeper Tomas Vaclik.

Soon after, at the other end, de Ligt scurried and had to grab the ball with his hand as the lowest man, so that Patrik Schik, who had four goals in the race, would not escape.

Referee Sergei Karasev checked the situation at the Var-room's prompt on the television screen and showed the topper a way out.

The orange evening changed to red and soon to autumn black.

Referee Sergei Karasev dug a red card from his pocket.

Photo: Laszlo Balogh / Lehtikuva

Matthijs de Ligt took his place on the field.

Photo: Bernadett Szabo / AFP

The Netherlands tried to set a European record for lost balls on its left side, and eventually lost it with fatal consequences.

The Czech free kick eventually ended up for Slavia Prague midfielder Tomas Holes, who pushed the ball into the Dutch goal.

He also staged the Czech Republic’s second goal by escaping the Dutch defective defense and serving the ball to Schick, who made no mistake.

- Of course it feels bad.

We practically lost because of what I did.

I shouldn’t have let the ball bounce, de Ligt took responsibility for his team’s loss in an NOS TV interview.

- Such matches resolve in one of two situations.

Donyell (Malen) had one, and a few seconds later we had to play with ten men.

The worst thing about a team like this is to be at a loss.

They got to play exactly the game they wanted, Dutch coach Frank de Boer said.

Tomas Holes, 28, did not rise for the Czech national team for the first time until last autumn.

"I didn't expect to be selected for the competition," he told the Czech newspaper Mlada fronta DNES a couple of days before the Dutch encounter.

In addition to the goal and goal pass, Holes completely obscured Georginio Wijnaldum from the Dutch star.

In addition to Captain Wijnaldum, de Jong, who excelled in the competition, played a weak match.

- It felt like we were tired, but I don't know why. We really wanted to win. For some players, this was the biggest match of their career to date, de Jong lamented on NOS TV.