• Valérie Pécresse, outgoing president of the Ile-de-France region, came first in the first round of the regionals far ahead of JOrdan Bardella (RN) and Julien Bayou (EELV).

  • The latter should lead to the second round the list of union between environmentalists and the left.

    Discussions must be conducted between the EELV candidate, Clémentine Autain (LFI-PCF) and Audrey Pulvar (Ile-de-France jointly supported by the PS).

Outgoing president Valérie Pécresse in the lead, an RN weaker than expected, and environmentalist Julien Bayou in pole position to create a rally on the left: return to the main lessons of this first round of regional in Ile-de-France.

Valérie Pécresse, in the lead, has she benefited from the bonus for graduates?

"With this first round, a dynamic is set in motion, but we must make it even stronger", declared the outgoing president of the Ile-de-France region, Valérie Pécresse, a little before 10 p.m., while the first estimates fell. . The dynamic in question is the 34% to 36% of votes predicted by the various polling institutes, which place it at the top of the candidates who passed the test of the first round. Slightly less than previous polls, but still in a good position to win.

The president of Libres !, supported by LR and the UDI, may have benefited from the same effect of "leavers' bonus" which invaded the whole country for these elections.

Did voters prefer the status quo and stability, when the country is just emerging from a period of very strong instability, marked by the health and economic crisis?

The RN weaker than expected

Recent polls rather gave him around 17%, it would seem that the RN candidate in Ile-de-France, Jordan Bardella, achieved a score lower than expected, around 13 to 13.7%.

This is a lower figure than his predecessor Wallerand de Saint-Just, who won 18% in the 2015 regional elections.

"We can not draw results from an election where there is so much abstention", exclaimed Jordan Bardella on France 2. "To complain is good, to vote is better", he said. he declared, urging the voters of the RN to go to the polls, while the abstention would reach between 66.1% and 68.6% according to the estimates of the polling institutes.

In other words, a record for all ballots combined in France except for the referendum.

EELV leader of an alliance of three left-wing candidates

"The challenge is to turn the page of the Pécresse system, this is what we will discuss this evening to create the rally", promised Julien Bayou, national secretary of EELV, given between 12.5 and 13.7 %.

The leader of his party for the regional in Ile-de-France aimed as interlocutors of these discussions the two left-wing candidates Clémentine Autain (LFI-PCF) and Audrey Pulvar (whose Ile-de-France list in common is supported by the PS) which follow it in the first estimates, around 10 and 11%.

The results of the regional

It's a much better score than that of Emmanuelle Cosse (8%) in 2015, and which gives her pole position to gather on the left.

Former journalist Audrey Pulvar said in the evening that she was "at the disposal" of Clémentine Autain and Julien Bayou to "find the way to a broad union of the left".

"Victory is within our reach," added the deputy for the 11th district of Seine-Saint-Denis and head of the LFI-PCF list, also in favor of a left-wing union.


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