Most roads and bicycle paths in Leersum have been cleaned and are passable again.

However, it will take days and perhaps two weeks before everything is cleaned up in the village affected by the storm, reports a spokesperson for the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

The village, which is part of that municipality, was hit by extreme storms on Friday, in which nine people were injured and numerous trees were blown down.

The province has now released the roads between Amerongen and Doorn (N225) and between Maarsbergen and the Donderberg roundabout (N226).

The bike paths have also been cleaned up again.

The Broekhuizerlaan in Leersum will remain closed to all traffic until further notice.

At least six houses are currently uninhabitable.

The municipality has offered residents shelter, but they could go to family and friends.

"It is still being checked whether the houses are definitively uninhabitable or how long it will take before the residents can return," said the spokesperson.

Other houses in the village are also being checked for major damage.

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Clearing work still in progress

Field staff were at work for the third day in a row on Sunday to get Leersum safe and tidy again, together with residents and contractors.

The municipality called the joint effort "fantastic" and "heartwarming".

The total extent of the damage is not yet available.

"First comes the cleaning up. The total damage can only be inventoried at a later time."

People who have questions about damage to their home and how to deal with it can go to sports and culture center De Binder or at a special consultation hour.

The municipality calls on people not to come to Leersum and the surrounding area.

According to the municipality, it is still too dangerous in the village and in the surrounding forests because of falling branches after the heavy weather on Friday.

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