As the world's decarbonization efforts accelerate, Japan has proposed financial and technical support as Asian countries switch to energy that emits less carbon dioxide.

This was proposed by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama at a meeting of energy ministers from Japan and ASEAN countries held online on the 21st.

Under these circumstances, there are circumstances such as the need for stable and cheap electricity in developing countries in Asia, and it is necessary to promote energy conversion in a realistic manner, so Japan will move to this region. It is said that it will strengthen its support.

Specifically, in addition to cooperating in the formulation of itineraries for decarbonization in each country, we will introduce renewable energy such as solar power and switch the fuel for thermal power generation to LNG = liquefied natural gas. On the other hand, the private sector will also contribute 1 trillion yen in total.

In addition to providing Japanese technology for offshore wind power generation, it also includes strengthening local human resource development.

Amid growing strict views on the use of fossil fuels from Europe and elsewhere, Japan would like to show its stance of contributing to the decarbonization of Asia, which is highly dependent on coal-fired power, and seek international understanding.