“I would like to congratulate all my colleagues on the Day of the Medical Worker.

I will say that in March, by the decree of the President of Russia, my colleagues from various foreign institutions, as well as our Foreign Ministry health center, were awarded high state awards: the Pirogov Order, the Luka Krymsky Medal.

This is an honor for us, this is such a recognition of our hard, extraordinary work, ”she said.

As noted by Kosachenko, the department manages 140 different health centers in countries with different climatic and sanitary-epidemiological conditions.

She added that during the pandemic, the work of doctors became more complicated, however, even in difficult conditions, they did their job, and the embassies were provided with the necessary sanitary and hygienic resources (sanitizers, masks, etc.), although they were in short supply at that time worldwide.

The congratulations were also joined by employees of the Russian embassies in different countries of the world, including Germany, Great Britain, Egypt, Spain, Czech Republic, Japan, Switzerland, Serbia, Indonesia, North Macedonia and Tajikistan.

“We are sincerely grateful to you for your selfless work, including with respect to those compatriots who were forced to find themselves in a difficult situation during the pandemic and were unable to get home,” said Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechaev.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised young doctors for their dedication during the pandemic.