The Montargis public prosecutor's office opened an investigation on Sunday for "attempted homicide" after a brawl during which a 16-year-old minor was seriously injured as a result of a stabbing.

An 18-year-old man also suffered a fractured leg after being struck by a vehicle.

The two young people were transported to hospitals.

An investigation was opened Sunday by the Montargis prosecutor's office for "attempted homicide" after a brawl during which a 16-year-old minor was seriously injured with a stab in a town in Loiret.

The facts began on the night of Saturday to Sunday "shortly after 2:30 am" in the town of Quiers-sur-Bézonde, about twenty kilometers from Montargis, said the public prosecutor Loïc Abrial.

"The gendarmerie was called following a brawl (which would have opposed) young people from two different municipalities", according to the prosecutor.

"About fifteen people would have clashed" and "gunfire would have been heard", added the magistrate.

Two injured young people

"A 16-year-old minor was wounded by a stabbing weapon", a knife, "he has a fairly large wound and was taken to Amilly hospital," said Loïc Abrial. A 15-day ITT was prescribed for this minor. Hit by a vehicle, an 18-year-old adult was also "seriously injured, with a fractured leg", according to Loïc Abrial. "He was evacuated to the Pitié-Salpétrière hospital in Paris" and was recognized for 15 days of ITT, said the prosecutor. In the wake of the clash, two people were arrested and taken into police custody.

The prosecutor opened "an investigation of flagrance for attempted homicide", entrusted to the company of gendarmerie and the research brigade of Montargis, while the investigators proceeded to the observations to find in particular the casings of firearm.

"A lot of investigative work to be done"

"It is now a question of hearing the witnesses in order to identify the different perpetrators", underlined Loïc Abrial.

Due to the number of protagonists, "there is a lot of investigative work to be done," added the prosecutor.