Paris (AFP)

Nearly 12.3 million viewers on average followed the Euro football match between the France team and Hungary on Saturday afternoon on TF1, for an audience share of 70%, according to data from Médiamétrie unveiled on Sunday.

"Huge success for the Hungary-France match", welcomed TF1 on Twitter, which recorded a peak audience of "14.6 million" viewers at the final whistle shortly before 5:00 pm.

This second match of the Blues, held in check in Budapest (1-1), gathered fewer viewers than their inaugural success of the Euro against Germany on Tuesday evening (15.1 million people in front of M6), but a better audience share (57.5% for M6).

Tuesday evening, M6 had recorded the best TV audience on a channel since 2018.

The record TV audience on a single channel was achieved by the last France-Croatia World Cup final in July 2018 with 20.7 million viewers, including 19.3 million only on TF1 and the rest recorded on beIN Sports .

In cumulative audience, the absolute TV audience record was recorded in April 2020 during Emmanuel Macron's speech during the first confinement.

The intervention of the Head of State was followed in total by 36.7 million viewers (including 14.6 million on TF1; 11.1 on France 2; 4.4 for M6 and 2 for France 3).

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