To find out the safest places from “Corona”

Citizens choose their tourist destinations from the "green list"

The majority refrained from traveling outside the country in the summer of last year due to the spread of the pandemic.

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Citizens said that they are implementing precautionary plans before traveling for tourism outside the country this summer, as they search for places that are safer from “Corona” based on information from official sources in the country, including the list of green countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation stressed the importance of informing the citizens of the country wishing to travel about the instructions and advice for travelers, and to ensure that they obtain the requirements and information regarding preventive measures against the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) in the desired country before traveling to it.

In detail, citizens said that they are preparing to travel to specific destinations outside the country with the advent of the summer and the arrival of the school vacation, noting that they took several health and security considerations in determining these destinations to protect themselves and their children from the risk of infection with "Corona".

(Abu Faisal) said that most of us refrained, last year, from traveling outside the country, during the summer, due to the spread of the “Corona” pandemic, and the application of precautionary measures, but with the improvement of the health situation, the decline of the epidemic in several regions of the world, and most individuals obtaining vaccination Many people are planning to travel.

He stressed that it is important to review the list of green countries announced by the concerned authorities in the country, to know the safe destinations, as it is important to prevent the danger of the Corona virus outside the country, and to stay away from traveling to dangerous destinations.

Hazza Muhammad agreed with him, who stressed the need to choose a safe destination before planning travel, and to follow the instructions of health authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during travel and tourism outside the country, noting that there is no room for complacency in implementing the precautionary measures followed, whether inside or outside the country, so that the tourism journey does not turn around And entertainment to a journey of death due to the “Corona” virus.

Khaled Ahmed said that there are well-known tourist destinations, which many citizens preferred during the past years, that are currently suffering from the inability to control the spread of the “Corona” virus, pointing to the importance of avoiding these destinations, as the situation has changed from before, and planning to travel to the safe destination has become healthy priority.

Also, adherence to preventive measures, such as physical distancing, staying away from crowded places, and continuous sterilization, are key matters during the tourist trip.

For its part, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has launched a specialized page for the Emirati traveler on its official website, explaining the instructions and requirements necessary to enter each country, and any updates that may occur to it.

The page also shows the status of the countries of the world receiving UAE citizens, the categories that are allowed to travel, and the forms to be filled out, in addition to making sure of the pre-examination procedures before traveling.

She stressed that the launch of this page comes in line with the efforts of the UAE to make the process of air travel to and from the country safe, and that the health and safety of the country's citizens is a priority by providing all information regarding the preventive measures applied at the intended destination, and the precautionary measures that must be followed for those coming from abroad.

She advised the citizen to follow the basic steps when planning travel, starting with visiting the ministry's website, to make sure that the country he is going to is received, then booking travel tickets, and meeting the requirements of the travel destination.

It also advised the citizens of the country to make sure to obtain the specific requirements and instructions before traveling, and to adhere to the preventive measures applied at the destination.

Upon returning, the citizen must follow the precautionary measures that the state applies to those coming from abroad.

It also urged those wishing to travel to register in the "My presence" service, and register all family members, the elderly and children, through its website or its smart application "UAEMOFAIC", as the service enables the ministry and its missions abroad to communicate with them in emergencies and crises, during their travel and presence. abroad, and help them.

She noted that if the Emirati citizen is infected while abroad with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), he must communicate directly with the nearest mission to the UAE, or by communicating with the call center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on phone number: 0097180044444, and the country mission will coordinate With local authorities to provide the best hospital for treatment and a place of health isolation.

The ministry stressed that upon returning to the country, the regulations and instructions set by the competent authorities regarding dealing with the “Covid-19” pandemic must be adhered to.

Necessary actions

before traveling

■ Register for the "My presence" service.

■ Ensure that the nasal swab examination (PCR) is carried out, taking into account the time limit for the intended destination.

■ The citizen should familiarize himself with the health regulations and instructions for the “Covid-19” virus issued in the destination country.

while traveling

■ Compliance with the preventive measures and directives related to the "Covid-19" virus at the airport (such as wearing a mask, physical distancing, and checking the temperature).

■ Follow-up to adhere to the government's directives in the destination country regarding "Covid-19".

■ If a citizen is injured, he must go to the nearest emergency center and contact the UAE mission in the country of headquarters.

while back

■ Ensure the airline's requirements before returning to the country, which may include conducting a prior examination (nose swab) no more than 72 hours before returning, and that the result is negative.

■ Compliance with the preventive measures and directives related to the "Covid-19" virus at the airport (such as wearing a mask, physical distancing, and checking the temperature).

■ Adhere to the UAE local and federal regulations regarding the "Covid-19" guidelines.

■ May require different additional actions depending on the country situation (eg countries with medium and high risk categories).

• Planning for travel to a destination that is healthy and safe is a priority.

• Tourist destinations preferred by many citizens... currently suffering from poor control of the "Corona" virus.

• «Foreign Affairs» launched a specialized page for the Emirati traveler on its website.

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