Former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae, who is regarded as the opposite of Yoon Seok-yeol in the passport, is announcing her candidacy this week.

I called myself 'a hawk that catches a pheasant'.

In this way, runners within the party are appearing one after another, but the schedule for the primary has not been confirmed yet.

Correspondent Koh Ji-hyun.


Former Minister Choo Mi-ae, who served as the third justice minister in the current government as a five-term lawmaker, will announce her candidacy for the presidential election on the 23rd.

“After a long deliberation, I made a decision,” said former Minister Choo. “I will make a country that raises people.”

Former Minister Choo, who fought with the then Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol in every case during his time as minister, is playing the role of 'Sniper Yoon Seok-yeol,' who has the highest approval rating for the presidential election in the opposition party.

[Chu Mi-ae/Former Justice Minister (last 17th, YTN Radio): I am a 'pheasant-catching hawk' because no one knows President Yoon (Seok-yeol) as well as I do.]

Former Minister Chu is the Democratic Party of Korea following Rep. Park Yong-jin and former Prime Minister Jeong Se-kyun. As my 6th official declaration of candidacy, I will face fierce competition with heavyweight runners such as Governor Lee Jae-myung and former CEO Lee Nak-yeon.

The presidential race is heating up like this, but the party leadership is not able to finalize the 'primary rules'.

This is because the confrontation between lawmakers Lee Jae-myung-gye, who said that the presidential candidate should be elected in early September according to the current party constitution and rules, and lawmakers Lee Nak-yeon and Jeong Se-kyun, who wants to hold a national convention in November when collective immunity will be achieved, is getting worse.

When Rep. Cho Seung-rae of Chung Sye-kyun aimed at lawmakers Lee Jae-myung-gye, saying, "It goes against dignity and democratic attitude," Lee Jae-myung-gye chairperson Jeong Seong-ho said, "Somewhere at the end of greedy selfishness."

Representative Song Young-gil directly listened to the opinions of the presidential candidates until today (20th) in response to the demands of the National Assembly members Ban Lee Jae-myung-gye to postpone the primary election.

Chairman Song plans to make a final decision on the appropriateness of holding a general assembly through a closed leadership meeting tonight.

(Video coverage: Jeong Sang-bo, video editing: Yumira)