The Iranian presidential election, which was voted on the 18th, was won by the anti-US and conservative hardliner Raishi.

What kind of person is Rev. Raishi?

What will happen to the relationship with the United States?

I summarized it.

What is Master Raishi?

The anti-American conservative hardliner Raishi is 60 years old.

An Islamic jurist from eastern Mashad, home to the Shiite sanctuary of Islam.

After holding important positions such as the prosecutor's chief at the judiciary, which plays an important role in maintaining the Islamic system, in 2019 he was appointed as Supreme Leader Khamenei and became the representative of the judiciary.

He wore a black turban that was only allowed to be worn by the descendants of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and was once responsible for managing religious institutions in the sanctuary of Mashad.

As a well-known Islamic law scholar, he has gained support from conservative hardliners such as the religious community, and is said to be one of the successor candidates to the 82-year-old Supreme Leader Khamenei.

Last time, he ran for the presidential election four years ago, but President Rouhani signed a nuclear agreement with Europe and the United States and was re-elected as a result, and Rev. Raishi was defeated.

However, after that, the Iranian economy fell into a predicament as the former Trump administration withdrew from the nuclear agreement and resumed sanctions, and in this election campaign, Mr. Raishi severely criticized the Rouhani administration for causing price increases and so on. ..

Regarding the nuclear agreement, which is currently undergoing indirect talks with the Biden administration to rebuild it, Rev. Raisi said, "I will not waste any time to lift sanctions," as long as it plays a necessary role in economic recovery. , Intention to maintain agreement.

He also states that he will not respond to excessive demands from the United States, saying that "the nuclear agreement will not be used as a means of extortion by the United States."

Meanwhile, the U.S. government said that in 1988, as an executive of the judiciary, Rev. Raishi ordered many political prisoners to execute the death penalty without going through judicial proceedings, and in 2009 he was involved in the crackdown on anti-government demonstrations. It is subject to sanctions.

How will your relationship with the United States change?

The immediate focus is on the whereabouts of the nuclear deal.

Iran is currently in indirect talks with the Biden administration, which is reviewing the foreign policy of the former Trump administration, in an attempt to rebuild the nuclear deal.

One of the focal points is the lifting of sanctions on Iran, which Rev. Laisi said, "I will never waste it to lift oppressive sanctions."

Given that the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, has made similar claims, it is unlikely that he will immediately stop negotiations and revoke the agreement himself.

However, he insists that he will not use the nuclear agreement as a threatening tool for the United States and will not accept excessive demands, and he remains bullish.

Some expect a more rigid diplomatic stance without showing concessions or flexibility.

For the United States, there is no doubt that it will be a “harder administration” than the Rouhani administration, and tensions may rise again in the future.

What is the impact on your relationship with Japan?

As the nuclear deal collapses and Iran moves toward strengthening nuclear development, military tensions will increase with the opposing United States and Israel.

If the situation in the Middle East becomes unstable, it will affect Japan, which depends on this region for crude oil.

It will be interesting to see what kind of foreign policy the new administration will come up with in the future.

Recent relationship between America and Iran

[Nuclear Agreement Welcomed by the World] In

return for Iran's restrictions on nuclear development, the international community will lift sanctions, which was signed between Iran and Europe, the United States, China, and Russia in 2015. ..

The international community welcomed the agreement aimed at keeping Iran from possessing nuclear weapons.

[Agreement suspended due to the inauguration of the Trump administration]

After that, the content was insufficient when the Trump administration was inaugurated in the United States. I banned transactions.

The Iranian economy has been severely affected, with the value of local currencies plummeting to one in six in the last four years as countries, including Europe, refrained from doing business with Iran for fear of being subject to U.S. sanctions. I will.

[Iran's side is also taking countermeasures one after another]

As a countermeasure against this sanction, Iran is embarking on strengthening uranium enrichment activities in the form of breaking the nuclear agreement.

The enrichment of uranium has exceeded the upper limit of 3.67% and has reached 60%, which is close to the production of nuclear weapons, and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) has announced that it will stop accepting unannounced inspections.

[Resumption of US-Iran talks] The

Biden administration, which was inaugurated this time, is aiming to return to the Iran nuclear agreement by reviewing the strong policy toward Iran by the former Trump administration.

For this reason, the United States and Iran have been holding indirect discussions in Vienna, the capital of Austria, to rebuild the nuclear agreement through the EU = European Union and other means since early April.

However, while the Iranian side has called for the lifting of all sanctions imposed during the pre-Trump administration, the US side has lifted hundreds of sanctions imposed in the name of "supporting terrorism" and "human rights violations." It shows a policy of not closing the gap between the two.

Initially, each country was aiming for a pre-election agreement, but talks have been prolonged as the gap is not closed.