It was in Ekot's Saturday interview that Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson spoke about negotiations between the housing market parties.

The January agreement applies, but a solution to the burning issue must involve both tenants and landlords, the minister pointed out.

But the Left Party sees no reason to withdraw its demands.

- I see it as unlikely that there is an agreement in place before Monday.

The parties can negotiate, just as it should work in the housing market.

But not with the requirement that market rents be introduced.

Then the Tenants' Association becomes hostage, says Ida Gabrielsson.

"72 out of 73 points can be good enough"

She does not want to say what is required for the party to change, but at the same time calls on Annie Lööf and the Center Party to compromise on the issue that risks triggering a government crisis.

- 72 out of 73 points may be good enough.

The Left Party's mandate is just as valuable for this government as the Center Party's, and this means that people's rents cannot be raised.

If you realize that, then this question would be out of the world.