In response to the UN General Assembly's adoption of a resolution condemning the violence of the Myanmar military and calling for the influx of weapons, the Myanmar military "rejects all content, based on one-sided claims and false beliefs." We have issued a statement saying that we are strongly opposed.

In Myanmar, crackdowns on civilians protesting the military have continued since the coup d'etat in February, with 870 people killed by the 19th, according to a summary of local human rights groups.

Under these circumstances, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution on the 18th calling for the suspension of violence against peaceful demonstrations, the release of detainees including Aung San Suu Kyi, and the prevention of the influx of weapons into Myanmar. Adopted by the majority of 119 countries.

The resolution is not binding, but many countries have expressed concern about the crackdown on civilians by the Myanmar military.

In response, the Myanmar military issued a statement on the night of the 19th, stating that it "rejects all content based on one-sided claims and false assumptions" and "will not accept any attempt to interfere with domestic affairs." I strongly repelled.

The Myanmar military has called the citizens who fight back with their weapons terrorists, and has strengthened the argument that the use of force is unavoidable, and has made it clear that it does not listen to the concerns of the international community.