The Utrecht security region announced on Saturday that at least six homes in Leersum had become uninhabitable due to the severe weather that hit the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug on Friday afternoon.

Nine people were injured, several gas leaks started in the village and thousands of trees were killed in surrounding forests.

The mayor of the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug thinks his residents could have done even worse.

"If you see how some streets of Leersum are like, then we got off well," said Frits Naafs, mayor of the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

On Saturday afternoon, Naafs was again on site in the area that was hit by extreme storms on Friday.

"It does indeed look like a war has raged. Big, sturdy trees have snapped like matchsticks."

Nine people were injured, two of whom had to be taken to hospital.

They are now back home.

According to Naafs, they are doing well under the circumstances.

Numerous trees have been blown down in the vicinity of Leersum.

There is a lot of fear, says Naafs, but the residents of Leersum mainly rolled up their sleeves on Saturday to repair damage, clean up and help each other.

"That is still in full swing and will take a while," said Naafs.

"There is great solidarity and that is impressive to see. What a small village can be great at."

The mayor also praises the efforts of the emergency services, who came into action en masse on Friday.

"That also made a big impression on the residents of Leersum."

Access roads to Leersum still closed off

The access roads to Leersum have been closed for the time being due to the clean-up and repair work.

The municipality has offered residents of the six uninhabitable homes shelter, but they were able to visit family and friends.

For the time being, Naafs does not have any insight into the total extent of the damage.

"I don't dare to mention an amount for the time being."


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