A man in England who suffered from COVID-19 for over a year has finally died.

The 49-year-old Jason Kelk, who is known to have suffered the longest illness from COVID-19 in the UK, died yesterday morning (19th) surrounded by his family, the British media Guardian reported.

His wife, Sue Kelk, said that she passed away peacefully when she was informed of her husband's death.

Sue Kelk commemorates her husband as "a brave man" and says his death is a loss to many.

Kelk died after stopping treatment for COVID-19 and being transferred to a hospice.

He was infected with Corona 19 in March of last year 15 months ago and was hospitalized at St. James University Hospital in Leeds, England, and was treated for a long time in the intensive care unit from April of that year.

Kelk, who suffered from diabetes and asthma, suffered damage to his lungs and kidneys due to COVID-19, and his stomach became so bad that he had to receive intravenous injections.

He started walking earlier this year and seemed to be recovering well enough to take the ventilator off.

In March, he expressed his desire to overcome Corona 19 and return home to the local media.

However, his condition worsened last month and he had to use a ventilator again.

Last month, Su Kelk told Sky News that she was concerned that her husband might have given up treatment after experiencing a fainting condition.

Despite the family's desperate heart, Kelk did not find health in the end. 

(Photo = Yonhap News)