China News Service, June 20. According to Hong Kong's "Ta Kung Pao" report, on the 19th local time, the Iranian Ministry of Interior announced that the Director of Justice Ibrahim Leahy won the 13th Iranian presidential election with 61.95% of the vote.

  According to reports, Leahy is a hardliner among the conservatives.

He promised that after he is elected, he will establish a strong government, fight corruption and help the poor, and safeguard the Iran nuclear agreement.

Leahy will also become the first Iranian president to be sanctioned by the United States.

The analysis pointed out that considering Leahy's tough stance on the United States, the relationship between the United States and Iran during his tenure may not be optimistic.

Turnout rate in Iran's general election is record low

Leahy was elected by absolute advantage

  According to data released by the Iranian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Leahy was finally elected with 61.95% of the votes, an absolute advantage over the other three presidential candidates.

There were more than 59 million eligible voters in the Iranian election, and the turnout rate was only 48.8%, which was the lowest record since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

  The analysis pointed out that the poor economic situation and the long-uncontrolled epidemic have affected the Iranian election campaign. Many voters have reacted indifferently to the general election because of fear of contracting the new crown virus or dissatisfaction with the status quo of life.

In order to ensure the turnout rate, the Iranian Ministry of Interior has extended the voting deadline to 2 am local time on the 19th.

  Before the Iranian Ministry of Internal Affairs officially announced the results, Iran’s current President Rouhani had gone to Leahy’s office to congratulate him on his victory, and three other candidates also congratulated Leahy.

  After his election, Leahy said that he would do his utmost to make the people more hopeful in the future, and to increase public trust in the government, so as to achieve the goal of "bright and happy living together".

  The 60-year-old Leahy has served in the judicial system for a long time. He became the Attorney General of Iran in 2014 and the Director of Justice of Iran in 2019. Since then, the anti-corruption campaign he has led in recent years has won the hearts of the people.

Leahy will face three major challenges when he takes office

Policy towards the United States or more tough?

  According to the report, Leahy will face the following three main challenges after coming to power: revitalizing the economy, controlling the still severe epidemic and getting rid of US sanctions.

  During his election campaign, Leahy made fighting corruption and solving economic problems his top priority, and promised to build 4 million new houses for low-income families after he took office.

How to deal with the United States in the future will be the core issue facing Leahy.

Leahy will also become the first Iranian president to be sanctioned by the United States after he takes office. The United States sanctioned Leahy on the grounds of human rights violations in 2019.

  Earlier, there was public concern that after Leahy came to power, the prospects for nuclear talks might be worrying.

Representatives of relevant parties to the Iranian nuclear agreement started talks in Vienna on the issue of the United States and Iran's resumption of compliance. It has lasted for more than two months and yet no consensus has been reached.

  During the campaign, Leahy stated that he "will push the Iran nuclear agreement back to its original track", but emphasized that there will be no negotiations on Iran's missile projects, regional influence and other issues.

  The report pointed out that after the hardliner Leahy took office, Iran's confrontation with the United States and Israel may increase, and the future situation in the Middle East may become more tense.