In the small Spreewald town of Burg, the big names from cinema and television meet on Thursday.

Dustin Hoffmann, Robert de Niro, Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson have an unusually glamorous rendezvous for the region at the luxury hotel “Zur Bleiche”.

They will chat in perfect German - the best voice actors in the country.

Some of them can take home awards that evening.

The 3rd German Prize for Synchronization will be awarded in Burg in southern Brandenburg.

The Oscar for dubbing has been awarded since 2000.

According to the organizers, the awarding of the sculptures to famous voices from the "off", as it is called in technical jargon, is the only jury award for voice actors in German-speaking countries.

Top-class voices


the award winners

Rainer Brandt is the president of a five-person jury on Thursday and will announce the judges' decisions together with colleagues such as Monika Bielenstein (voice of Diane Keaton) or Arne Elsholz (voice of Tom Hanks in "Forrest Gump"). International cinema productions such as “The Lord of the Rings” (Part Two), “Chicago” and the “Pianist” have been nominated. For the first time, prizes will also be awarded in the TV series category, for example for work on the film “Ally McBeal” or the synchronization of co-productions.

The prizes are awarded in a total of eight categories, both for individual performances by voice actors and for directing, screenplay, young talent or complete works.

"For many films to be dubbed, the scripts have to be rewritten and the direction rescheduled so that they can be successful in Germany," explains Brandt.

This often results in a completely new complete oeuvre that deserves an independent award.


lot of people are

begging Tom Hanks to check their answering machine


Some actors are dubbed by the same voice for their entire working life. “Second voice” and actors often have a lot in common. Temperament and character are often just as similar as humor and outlook on life, as this is the only way to create the same moods in the audience, says Brandt. The voices from “off” also have numerous fans. Organizer Dorett Auerswald: "You don't believe how many people call us and beg for Tom Hanks to discuss their answering machine."