Sentenced Wednesday to life imprisonment with a security sentence of twenty-two years for the assassination of Julie Douib, her ex-spouse Bruno Garcia-Cruciani appealed against his conviction, said the Attorney General near the Bastia Court of Appeal.

“Mr. Garcia-Cruciani has appealed against all the provisions of the judgment, both the criminal judgment which sentences him to life imprisonment with twenty-two years of security, but also against the additional provisions such as the loss of parental authority, ”said Jean-Jacques Fagni, confirming information from France 3 Corse.

Julie Douib, mother of two, was killed in March 2019 in Ile-Rousse, Haute-Corse.

The Bastia Assize Court found Bruno Garcia-Cruciani guilty of this feminicide which had caused a wave of indignation throughout the country.

The 40-year-old has also had his parental authority withdrawn from the couple's two sons, now aged 11 and 13.

Julie Duib's family not surprised

Informed yesterday of the decision to appeal Bruno Garcia-Crucinai, the family of Julie Douib was not surprised.

"In view of the decisions rendered in both criminal and civil matters, the lawyers for the civil parties and the family expected that a notice of appeal would be formalized by Mr. Garcia-Cruciani", explained Me Jean-Sébastien De Casalta, family lawyer.

Recognizing that this life sentence is "unusual", Wednesday the president of the Assize Court had detailed the motivations of the jurors, specifying that "the ultimate violence" of the assassination was "sufficient" to lead to this conviction, independently domestic violence.

"The risk of repeating the facts because of your impulsive and vindictive personality" also weighed, she also told Bruno Garcia-Cruciani, adding the absence of regret and the fact that he "claimed" his gesture in jail.


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