On June 18th, a 50,000-ton semi-submersible vessel built by Guangzhou Shipyard International for COSCO Shipping was delivered in Nansha, Guangzhou, and was named "Xiang'ankou".

The ship is equipped with a ship intelligence system, which can collect data and provide decision-making reference for navigation operations according to sea conditions and ship conditions. It is the first special semi-submersible ship built in China to be equipped with a ship intelligence system.

  The maximum draught of the "Xiang'ankou" dive is 26 meters, which is equivalent to a 9-story building.

The ship has enhanced the load-bearing part of the main deck, added SCR (Exhaust Gas Treatment System), is equipped with the world's advanced DP system (Dynamic Positioning System), and has a higher degree of automation, which can meet the high-end requirements for precise installation of offshore products at sea.

Through optimization, the ship's environmental protection, stability, automation, maneuverability, energy saving and loading performance have been improved and improved.

  Semi-submersible ship, as the name suggests, is a kind of transport ship that can "dive", also known as "Hercules on the sea forklift". Like a forklift on land, it can submerge the deck into the water by adjusting its own ballast water and carry it. The cargo is lifted from the designated position and transported to the designated position. It is mainly used to transport the oversized equipment that cannot be separated and hoisted, such as offshore engineering platforms and ships that have lost power.

The semi-submersible ship not only has extremely high requirements for the water tightness of the cabin, but also needs an extremely stable horizontal state and an accurate dynamic positioning system. It is a special type of ship with high added value and high technical difficulty. At present, there are only a few in the world. The country can build.

  (He Junjie, Zhao Yunpeng, Zhong Wei produced by He Junjie)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]