It has been three weeks since the Ministry of National Defense's Joint Investigation Team, which includes the Ministry of National Defense's prosecution team, investigation headquarters, inspector's office, and personnel welfare office, investigated the case of sexual assault and death of a sergeant in the Air Force.

Almost every day, summons investigations, seizures and searches, and investigation deliberation committees were conducted.

The manpower and speed of the investigation are unprecedented, so it looks like a military operation.

The incidents surrounding this sergeant from March 2, when the sexual harassment took place, to May 31, when the first reports were made, are embarrassing, but actually not very complicated.

Given the size and speed of the investigation, the size and speed of the joint investigation by the Ministry of National Defense deserves the expectation that it will be able to reveal the facts of the case and punish the perpetrators and those in charge appropriately.

However, the reality is a different atmosphere than expected.

There are signs that the investigation is being rushed by public opinion, rather than a thorough investigation that strictly complies with laws and procedures, leading to a noisy but not substantial investigation.

In the end, the legal officers who were on the subject of the investigation raised questions about the fairness of the investigation, leading to a situation where they opposed the investigation by the Ministry of National Defense.

I am concerned that the bereaved family will not be able to understand it and those who are being punished may have unacceptable results.

The morale of the whole army has already gone down, but I'm afraid I'll be thrown to the bottom again.

If the Joint Investigation Team of the Ministry of National Defense does not regain a sense of calm and breathe, it may inflict serious wounds on the bereaved family and the military.

search and seizure again

On the morning of the 2nd, the Prosecutor's Office of the Ministry of National Defense requested an arrest warrant for the suspect, Sgt. Jang, on charges of sexual assault, and secured a new recruit around 3 pm.

Five hours later, the substantive examination of the warrant began, and an arrest warrant was issued around 10:30 pm.

The next day, the Air Force fired Lieutenant Noh and Sergeant Noh, who were suspected of a second assault by convincing Lee.

A search and seizure followed.

On the 4th, the Prosecutor's Office of the Ministry of National Defense seized and searched the Air Force Headquarters Military Police Team and the Military Police Battalion of the 15th Special Mission Wing, and the 20th Fighter Wing Military Police Battalion dispatched the Sex Crime Investigation Team of the Ministry of National Defense Investigation Headquarters.

On the 7th, the houses and offices of lieutenant general Roh and Sergeant Noh were seized and searched; on the 8th, the Air Force Headquarters Military Police Team and the 20th Wing Military Police Battalion; on the 9th, the 20th Wing Military Prosecutor's Office, the Prosecutor's Office of the Air Force Headquarters and the Human Rights Narae Center. .

From the 7th to the 11th, a special audit team of the Ministry of National Defense conducted a job inspection of the Air Force Headquarters, the 20th Wing, and the 15th Wing.

After taking his breath away from the summons of those involved, the arrest of lieutenants Roh and Sergeant Roh, and the inauguration of the investigation deliberation committee, the prosecution team again seized and searched the 20th Wing Military Police Battalion and the Air Force Headquarters Military Police Corps on the 15th.

It was a forced investigation to secure PC data and e-mails.

On the 16th, the Air Force Headquarters' Legal Office and the Prosecutor's Office also seized and searched the offices of the members of the unit suspected of leaking damage from the 15th Wing on the 17th.

Ministry of Defense investigation that can't keep up with speed

After securing the recruits of Sgt. Jang, the Prosecutor's Office urgently requested a warrant without even pretending to investigate, and the military court issued it.

It would be a rare case in private prosecutors and courts.

Similar to the arrest of Sgt. Jang, it is known that sergeant Noh and Sergeant Noh were deprived of their positions without any investigation.

Sergeant Jang, Lieutenant Noh, and Sergeant Noh left room for a counterattack over procedural flaws.

It seems that many of the briskly executed seizures and searches were conducted under internal investigation rather than criminal charges.

A key official of the Ministry of National Defense also admitted, "I know that there have been frequent seizures and searches under the state of internal affairs."

It is said that on-the-spot search and seizure during the internal investigation phase is not uncommon.

This is because the search and seizure warrants are often dismissed by the courts because the accusation of criminal charges is not complete.

However, the fact that the investigation and seizure of the internal investigation stage, which did not develop into a criminal case, were carried out in this investigation is evidence that the prosecution team and the military court are being pursued by public opinion.

There is no other possibility without the fear of chasing the speed and missing procedural legitimacy.

A high-ranking official of the Ministry of National Defense's investigation is to the point of telling a reporter, "We are conducting a public opinion trial."

Another official of the Ministry of National Defense confessed in a publicly public manner that it was an 'urgent investigation under external pressure'.

Law enforcement officers protest

The backlash from the legal officers has overtaken the Ministry of National Defense.

Jeon Ik-soo, head of the Air Force Headquarters' Legal Office, which was seized and searched on the 16th, said that the Ministry of National Defense investigation was not fair, and requested that the high-ranking public officials' crime investigation office, that is, the Airborne Division, investigate their cases one after another.

Director Jeon Ik-soo criticized the search and seizure in the internal investigation stage as a "show-type investigation conscious of public opinion."

It also pointed out, "The Ministry of National Defense violated Article 24, Paragraph 2 of the Air Traffic Control Act, which states that the Ministry of National Defense should immediately notify the Air Traffic Control Department upon recognizing a high-ranking public official's case.

The day before, when a report came out regarding the request for an investigation by the Air Airborne Service, the Ministry of National Defense issued a brief statement saying, "We plan to notify the Air Airborne Service."

At the collective backlash of senior law officers, the Ministry of National Defense was baffled.

The Ministry of National Defense officials belatedly explained, "Before the request of the former Chief of Staff, we reviewed the transfer of the Airborne Service," but they did not seem to believe what they were saying.

clogged and stuffy exit

The process and results of the investigation conducted so far by the Joint Investigation Team of the Ministry of National Defense under the pretext of a strict investigation ordered by the commander-in-chief are roughly as follows. The procedure was shaken at an unprecedented speed, but it seems that the curtain that covered the reality of the incident could not be removed coolly. There are cautious prospects that the number of prosecutions and severe punishment will not be large compared to the wavelength of the case.

The bereaved family will be outraged when the results of investigations such as dragon heads and noisy empty carts come out. It's like adding a wound. Instead of washing away sins, the military accumulates more. The Ministry of National Defense will face criticism for conducting a wrap-up investigation into my family. Conversely, if prosecution and severe punishment continue in a row, procedural flaws are highly likely to catch on. In other words, it is easy to get thrown back. Either way, the outcome was not straightforward, due to the speed of the investigation and the misalignment of the first steps in the process.

The collapse of military morale and trust is also a concern. These days, not only the Air Force, but also the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps have withdrawn as if they were potential suspects. Even the vast majority of good soldiers, who know their mission as their calling, find it difficult to confidently reveal their identity. When the results of the investigation come out, I can't avoid pointing my finger at me again saying that the military is covering up my family or the unscrupulous military. The morale of the military, which accounts for a significant share of its military power, will be once again severely eroded.