The outgoing cabinet announced on Friday evening that almost all corona measures can be released from Saturday 26 June.

These are the answers to questions you asked on our response platform NUjij.

Why is it waiting until June 26 and are the relaxations not immediately implemented?

Since there are still a few conditions for the release, for example cafes, restaurants, shops, cinemas and all other enterprises must be given time to prepare their location.

For example, cafes and restaurants must arrange their interior space so that tables are 1.5 meters apart and companies must instruct their staff how to use access tests and what the general policy will be.

Why not wait until everyone is fully vaccinated?

As long as people have not yet been fully vaccinated, risks will remain, said outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) during the press conference.

However, with one dose of vaccines that require two shots, you are already a lot better protected, which is reflected in the falling infection and hospital numbers.

That is why the cabinet and the OMT think it is responsible to bring the relaxation forward.

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Do people still have to wear a mask as soon as they enter the room before the start of an indoor activity, such as a bridge evening?

Indoor activities can take place, as long as the 1,5 meters away can be guaranteed.

If that is not possible, a corona ticket is an alternative.

In any case, a mouth cap is not mandatory.

What about contact professions?

They can't maintain 1.5 meters either.

That is indeed not possible and that is why they are exempt from the one and a half meter measure.

However, a check interview and registration are required in advance.


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What about face masks for visitors to shops and supermarkets?

And in hospitals?

Companies and companies can decide for themselves whether they ask people to wear a mask.

This applies to employees and visitors.

It is certainly not mandatory to do or not to do.

The expectation is that the vast majority of companies and enterprises will probably not ask, but that is up to them.

Hospitals may also ask visitors to wear a face mask.

Because many vulnerable people are present in hospitals, this is more likely, but it depends on the hospital in question.

What about vaccinating?

The moment you are poked, you are of course less than 1,5 meters away from each other.

But the pricking takes less than a minute.

So is a mouth cap mandatory at that time, or not?

The GGD injection locations themselves will continue to communicate this.

If they ask to put on a mouth cap during your vaccination, this is mandatory.

Have understood that after June 26, mouth caps are still mandatory in public transport, what are the plans for that in the slightly longer term?

The cabinet hopes to be able to take the decision on 13 August to let go of the last basic rules.

By that time, a decision will also have been made about scrapping face masks in public transport, although that may also happen earlier.

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