China News Service, Xiamen, June 18 (Yang Fushan and Wu Ruyu) On the 18th, as the guests put a customized seal on the starter, the scroll on the screen slowly unfolded, showing the eight words of "integrated development, cooperation and win-win": No. The 17th Straits Tourism Expo and the 2021 7th China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo officially opened.

  The organizer introduced that the three-day travel expo has an exhibition area of ​​50,000 square meters and nearly 2,000 booths, which integrates eight major consumer elements of "food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, learning, and joy". Further integrate and upgrade cultural and tourism resources to help the cultural and tourism industry recover.

People visit the exhibition.

Photo by Lu Ming

  In order to stimulate tourism consumption and facilitate industrial transformation, the content of the exhibition covers the entire industry chain of leisure, culture, tourism and life, including the 17th Strait Tourism Expo and the 2021 7th China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Expo, two boutique exhibitions, and three theme forums. :2021 China (Xiamen) Ocean Tourism Thermal Forum, 2021 China (Xiamen) International Leisure Tourism Forum, 2021 Cross-Strait and Hong Kong and Macao Regions Famous Introduction Sword, four major tourism promotion activities: "Xiamen Four Seasons Life Tour" Promotion Conference, "Quanfu" "You You Quanfu" and "Sea Garden Poetic Xiamen" feature tourism resources investigation and stepping, the world-renowned travel business leisure tourism product procurement conference, Xiamen tourism product buyers "one-on-one" exchange meeting.

  In addition, this year's Tourism Expo will be supporting a number of activities including the promotion of the guest of honor in provinces and cities, the 2021 Southwestern Fujian Tourist Festival, the 8th Construction Tourism Senior Tourism Festival, and the Xiamen Tourism Route Product Hot Sale.

Taiwanese food attracts visitors.

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  Compared with previous editions, this exhibition has made breakthroughs in regional cooperation in the face of changes in the development of the cultural and tourism industry.

15 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions of the mainland participated in the exhibition. Representatives of Taiwan's major public (association) associations continued to participate in the "cloud". For the first time, the Taiwan Youth Theme Zone was set up in the Taiwan Pavilion to sell special cultural and creative tourism products.

  In the international aspect of the International Leisure Travel Expo, official agencies of Thailand, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions participated in the exhibition, and overseas tourism companies such as Air France and KLM participated in the exhibition by staff based in China.

  As the guest provinces and guest cities of this year's Tourism Expo, Yunnan Province and Ningbo City participated at the same time, bringing dozens of local A-level scenic spots, hotels, travel agencies and other companies to participate in the exhibition, showing the local cultural charm and unique customs.

  Yunnan Province brings cultural and creative, intangible cultural heritage and plateau characteristic products from 7 continents and cities to showcase the unique charm of "Colorful Yunnan".

Ningbo City brings a large-scale dance drama "Mulan" to reproduce this legendary story that has been passed down for thousands of years. At the same time, it brings a national intangible cultural heritage-"Shili Hongzhuang" Wedding Customs Show, presenting a veritable "red makeup" for citizens and tourists.

  Taiwan continues to maintain the scale of previous exhibitions. In addition to organizing cultural and tourism enterprises to participate in the exhibition, bringing special cultural and creative tourism products, representatives of the Taiwan Public (Association) Association also specially recorded video "cloud" participation in the conference, and jointly blessed the great integration of cultural and tourism industries on both sides of the strait. Great development and great prosperity.

Fujian Taiwan Youth Enterprise Exhibition Hall attracts people to visit.

Photo by Lu Ming

  The host cities and cities in Fujian assisted this exhibition with more optimized, innovative and focused presentation forms and cultural tourism products, and deepened the cooperation and passenger flow of tourism resources across the province.

  Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism held a cultural and tourism promotion conference "Xiamen Four Seasons Life Tour" before the start of the Tourism Expo, recommending Xiamen’s spring leisure life tour, summer coastal life tour, autumn humanistic life tour, and winter Warm life journey, and exhibited in the theme pavilion "Sea Garden Poetic Xiamen".