The money has been applied for in boat clubs, road associations and municipalities, among others.

A total of 900 young people in Sörmland have already gotten summer jobs through the initiative, says Ella Jansson, project manager at Region Sörmland.

With the new addition, she believes that the region can enable another 200 jobs.

But are there enough employers who are interested in applying for the grant?

- Yes, I absolutely think so.

There are some associations that have heard from you and asked if it is still possible to apply.

It is also possible to apply afterwards for jobs that have already been started, says Ella Jansson.

In the clip below, she tells more about the purpose of the investment (clip from June 6).

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In the clip above, you hear Ella Jansson talk about how young people have been affected by the pandemic and why the region chooses to make this investment.

Photo: SVT / TT