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Welcome to this European Championship live blog on NU.nl.

My name is Willem Haak and I will keep you informed of all developments around the European Championship.

Lots of fun!

  • Program:

  • LIVE

  • Sweden-Slovakia


  • 6 p.m.

  • Croatia-Czech Republic

  • 21.00 o'clock

  • England-Scotland

a few seconds ago

90 'We get five minutes extra time.

Will the Slovaks still manage to create something?

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

87 'Slovakia starts something and sends more men forward.

It opens the hunt for the equalizer.

a few seconds ago

83 'There Sweden can double the lead.

Isak has a nice action, but is then a bit too selfish.

His shot is blocked.

Moments later, Claesson's attempt is also stifled.

a few seconds ago

The penalty moment in the picture.

a few seconds ago



Forsberg uses the penalty kick.

It's 1-0.

a few seconds ago


Penalty Sweden! 

Isak stabs Quaison away.

Slovakia goalkeeper Dubravka tries to intercept the ball, but runs into the Swedish attacker.

The ball goes on the dot.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

74 'Slovakia seems to be fine with the 0-0 score and hardly comes out anymore.

a few seconds ago

71 'Beautiful action by Isak.

He dribbles well, pulls in and hits with the right.

His shot into the short corner is well saved by Dubravká.

Sweden pushes on and earns a goal.

a few seconds ago

Augustinsson is disappointed with a missed opportunity.

a few seconds ago

67' Isak's header goes just over.

Sweden is becoming more and more dangerous and is definitely the better team in the second half.

a few seconds ago

64 'Two substitutions at Sweden.

Berg and Olsson make way for Quaison and Claesson.

Slovakia is also making a change: Pekarík leaves the field.

Haraslín comes in for him.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

62 'Isak hits from the edge of sixteen.

His shot is blocked and goes wide.

The corner is then easily cleared and poses no danger.

Sweden reopens the fanatic hunt for the opening goal.

Slovakia is under pressure, but is holding its ground for the time being.

a few seconds ago

59 'And now Sweden is close to the opening goal.

Augustinsson reports in the sixteen.

He heads in well, but Dubravká can save well.

It remains 0-0 in Saint Petersburg.

a few seconds ago

58 'Another chance for Slovakia.

A header from Kucka is turned by Sweden keeper Olsen.

His dive turned out to be unnecessary.

Kucka was offside.

a few seconds ago

Emil Forsberg doesn't know anymore.

Sweden has few chances against the defensively strong Slovakia.

a few seconds ago

50 'And Slovakia also reports to the enemy target.

Duda lashes out from about twenty meters.

The shot narrows.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

46 'Immediately a small chance for Sweden.

Isak lashes out, but Škriniar blocks just in time.

Is this the start of a better second half?

a few seconds ago

Kick off second half!

The ball is rolling again in Saint Petersburg, will the second half be more entertaining?

a few seconds ago

KNVB expects between five and ten thousand Orange fans in Budapest.

a few seconds ago


Referee Daniel Siebert has seen enough and whistles for halftime.

Sweden and Slovakia are not yet able to entertain the public in St. Petersburg.

One advantage: it can only get better after the break.

a few seconds ago

40 'This heel by Ondrej Duda says it all.

The attacking player from Slovakia extends a cross with his heel, but he only reaches Swedish opponents with it.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

35 'Marek Hamsík suddenly appears in the penalty area, but under pressure from Marcus Danielson, the Slovakia captain runs the ball over the back line.

a few seconds ago

Forewarned counts for two, as Kristoffer Olsson now also knows.

a few seconds ago


Slovak goalkeeper Dubravka is a bit hesitant, but that is not punished.

The 36-year-old Sebastian Larsson gets the ball on top of his head, so that he can not give direction to the ball.

a few seconds ago

23 'The first yellow card is in the name of Kristoffer Olsson, who also clearly applied for it in the second minute.

a few seconds ago

Sweden has the initiative, but Janne Andersson's team has never been closer than this harmless header.

a few seconds ago

15 'The first fifteen minutes pass without great opportunities, Sweden and Slovakia are mainly scanning.

The Scandinavians have just a little more possession.

a few seconds ago

10 'Swedish goalkeeper Robin Olsen seems to be able to pick up a low cross from Martin Koscelník, but he almost lets the ball slip under him.

Fortunately for the former goalkeeper, there is no pressure on him.

a few seconds ago

The first ball contact of this match came from the foot of Marek Hamsík, the 33-year-old Slovakia captain.

a few seconds ago

2 'So, the tone is set!

Kristoffer Olsson runs fast and unnecessarily on his Slovakian opponent.

a few seconds ago

Kick off!

For both countries, the place in the eighth finals is safe with a victory.

a few seconds ago

Drinking well is important, as it is about 28 degrees Celsius in Russia's second largest city.

a few seconds ago

Time for the warm up!

a few seconds ago

The first fans trickle into the stadium in Saint Petersburg.

a few seconds ago

The state of affairs in group E:

  • Slovakia 1-



  • Spain 1



  • 1 Sweden



  • Poland 1-



  • a few seconds ago


    Slovakia is the surprising leader of group E after the victory over Poland (1-2). "Never change a winning team", national coach Stefan Tarkovic will have thought.

    In contrast to the previous game, he has made room on the bench for Feyenoord striker Róbert Bozeník.

    Slovakia line-up:


    Pekarik, Satka, Skriniar, Hubocan;

    Kucka, Hrosovsky, Hamsik;

    Koscelnik, Duda, Mak.

    a few seconds ago

    Swedish union files a complaint against Berg for hate messages on social media.

    a few seconds ago


    Former FC Groningen attacker Marcus Berg is just kicking off against Slovakia on behalf of Sweden.

    Berg missed a huge opportunity against Spain (0-0) and received hundreds of hate messages afterwards.

    Sweden line-up:


    Lustig, Lindelof, Danielson, Augustinsson;

    Larsson, Olsson, Ekdal, Forsberg;

    Berg, Isaac.

    a few seconds ago

    Earlier today we saw thousands of Scottish fans in London, but the weather in the English capital is not really cooperating for a nice football trip.


    🎥 Scotland fans are filling London's bars and restaurants, hiding from the rain…


    AuthorClyde 1 SuperscoreboardMoment of places10: 34 - June 18, 2021

    a few seconds ago

    Yesterday's basic players look on relaxed.

    a few seconds ago

    The reserve players are working on a fiercer party form.

    a few seconds ago

    Also a smile on De Boer's face during the training.

    a few seconds ago

    The basic players from yesterday are now on the field for recovery training.

    a few seconds ago

    De Ligt does see that there is growth at Orange.

    "If you compare it with two weeks ago, you can see that we are making steps. We understand the system better and better and after every match we analyze: what is going well, what needs to be improved? I also know that we can never have a perfect match. play, but we're striving for it."


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