• Nigeria.

    Over 100 children kidnapped by the Koranic school

  • Nigeria, a Catholic priest killed and another kidnapped


June 18, 2021: Armed men attacked a school in Kebbi state, northwestern Nigeria, and kidnapped over 80 students and five teachers.

This was reported by Reuters, reporting the testimony of a teacher.

A security officer was killed.

The school professor, Usman Aliyu, reported the more than 80 kidnapped students, most of them girls, while the police have not provided a tally of missing students at the moment.

In recent months, attacks carried out in the country by groups that have kidnapped hundreds of people have increased, in particular by targeting educational centers. Concentrated in the past in the northeastern part of the country - where Boko Haram and the Islamic State of West Africa (Iswa) operate - the assaults have spread to other northern and northwestern areas of Nigeria, creating fears of an expansion of criminal and terrorist networks. .