For the vice-president of the French pediatric society, Robert Cohen, wearing a mask in classes for children from CP to CM2 is no longer useful.

He therefore campaigns for his abandonment, two days after the announcement of Jean Castex putting an end to the compulsory mask outdoors. 

A useless mask in the classroom?

Two days after the end of the obligation to wear a mask outside, this is in any case what Professor Robert Cohen, vice-president of the French pediatric society, points out.

Because if the mask is no longer compulsory in schoolyards, it is still in class.

However, according to "various international recommendations, when the viral circulation is weak, the interest of wearing the mask of the children between the CP and the CM2 is probably completely useless."

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"It is no longer useful"

"We had accepted the wearing of the mask in the phase of incidence of the disease and when the epidemic was high, today it is no longer useful."

While the summer school holidays are fast approaching Robert Cohen campaigns for the abandonment of the wearing of the mask in the classes, but also for the summer camps.

"We are not going to have to continue to suggest that children wear the mask at all times in summer camps when they are inside."


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And the pediatrician to anticipate until September: "We can think that the start of the school year, like last year, will see a weak viral circulation. And at this time, the wearing of the mask in these age groups n is not of much interest. "