The KNVB expects between 5,000 and 10,000 supporters of the Dutch national team at the match from the eighth finals of the European Championship in Budapest.

The Orange squad will play as group winner on Sunday 27 June against the number 3 of group D, E or F for a place in the quarterfinals of the European final round.

About 1,300 Orange club card holders will soon receive a code and can then buy a ticket for the eighth final of Orange.

They did not inform UEFA before April 22 that they were waiving the opportunity to follow the Dutch national team at the European Championship.

The remaining tickets will then be distributed among loyal Orange fans and may go on sale at a later date.

There are currently no more tickets available at UEFA for the game from the eighth finals in the capital of Hungary.

The game is currently sold out.

Tickets may still be available if the opponent of Orange is known.

Sponsors may waive tickets.

Also, the opponent of the Dutch national team may not want to take all the cards it is entitled to.

About 53,000 spectators are welcome in Budapest's Ferenc Puskás stadium for matches at the European Championship.

The Hungarian government makes an exception for foreigners with a valid ticket for a European Championship match.

Unlike other foreign tourists, they do not have to be quarantined immediately after arrival.

They must provide a negative PCR test.

Supporters don't have to quarantine on return

After returning to the Netherlands, the fans of Orange do not have to be quarantined.

A new corona test is also not necessary.

"These are the rules of the government", a spokesperson for the KNVB responds to the question whether the association is afraid of new contamination clusters.

"We always stick to that."

The KNVB will also set up a fan zone for supporters in Budapest.

The football association is already in talks with the local authorities about a suitable location for a party with a lot of Dutch music.

Fans want to march from the fan zone to the stadium, as they are used to from previous European and World Championships.

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