• Monday evening, five outdoor sites will be accessible within the limit of available places and the gauge set by the town hall.

  • Improvised concerts in the street are prohibited, while traffic restrictions are already in force on the island of Nantes.

It will have the merit of existing but will have nothing to do with the previous ones. The 2021 edition of the music festival, Monday evening, is preparing in Nantes. Despite the health context, there is no question for the town hall to cancel the event like last year. It has therefore decided to develop five sites, mainly in parks and gardens, which will receive the public in limited gauges, between 6 and 10 p.m.

For example, it will be possible to go to the Parc de la Boucardière in Chantenay.

The gauge will be 500 people and the programmer will be Trempolino (current music).

The Bréchoir garden in Tous-Aides will be open to 230 people, to listen to classical music.

The Mellinet barracks will be run by the Big City Life association and will accommodate a maximum of 280 people simultaneously.

The Nantes Conservatory will play at the Square du Lait de Mai (Madeleine Champ de Mars) in front of 180 spectators.

Finally, some 400 people will be able to access the courtyard of the castle, for a concert by the Nantes brass school.

No scenes in the streets

In the streets, there should be no improvised concerts, banned by the prefecture to avoid all gatherings of more than ten people on the public highway, and even less electro stages. At first prohibited, musical entertainment inside the bars will finally be allowed, as long as the establishments respect the gauges. Festive gatherings of a musical nature, the transport of sound equipment, the use of fireworks and the consumption of alcohol in certain public spaces have also been prohibited by the prefect.

Particular attention was paid to the Ile de Nantes since traffic restrictions have been in place since Friday morning already near the Hangar à Bananes.

Wilson parking will remain inaccessible until Tuesday morning.

Until that date, line 5 will stop at the “Gare de l'Est” station and the Navibus service will be interrupted.

It is also a question of "avoiding any regrouping", indicates the prefecture.


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