by Sabrina Manfroi

18 June 2021 High volatility and bearish trend as expected on the so-called day of the 4 witches, the third Friday of each quarter. It is the day on which various types of derivative contracts expire. Investors have to decide whether to renew them or move their capital.

Milan drops by 1.93%, London -1.90%, Paris -1.46%, Frankfurt -1.78%.

Wall Street also hurt after the Fed meeting, the dollar strengthened again against the euro which slipped to 1.1860.

In Piazza Affari all sectors are down, among the worst stocks Unicredi -4.30%, Stm -4.46%, Eni -2.97%. Positive Diasorin + 1.09%.

The btp bund spread is up to 111 basis points, the ten-year yield to 0.88%.