The Immigration Bureau of Japan may be persecuted if it returns to Myanmar, which has refused to return to Myanmar, where the military continues to crack down on citizens, and has indicated its intention to apply for refugee status in Japan. As a result, if an application is submitted, we are making adjustments to recognize it as a refugee.

Myanmar national team Pyae Lyan Aung, who came to Japan for the second qualifying round of the Soccer World Cup in Asia, protested against the Myanmar army at the TV camera during the national anthem singing against Japan last month. I raised three fingers to show my intention.

On the 16th, he refused to return to Japan and left the team to apply for refugee status in Japan.

The Immigration Bureau of Japan is a refugee if an application is submitted that there is a risk of persecution if returning to Myanmar, based on the fact that the action of raising three fingers was transmitted to many people through the media. We are making adjustments in the direction of accreditation.

Since last month, the Immigration Bureau of Japan has taken special measures, such as prioritizing the refugee application procedure for Burmese people and granting them a status of residence even if they are not recognized as refugees.

Based on the 1951 Convention, Japan protects foreigners who may be persecuted if they return to Japan because of their race or political opinion. In the last year, 47 people have been recognized as refugees.