Victims of information leaks at the reception office have time to apply for compensation 29.6.

less than two weeks.

The claim must be made as bankruptcy supervision, ie by submitting the claim to the bankruptcy estate of Vastamo with its reasons.

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The application is formal and must meet certain legal requirements.

Because it is a legal measure, it can be difficult for ordinary people to do.

However, the items required in the application are listed below.

The claim is submitted by e-mail by sending the claim and the reasons for the claim to the bankruptcy estate's e-mail address personal

In its press release, the law firm Suomen Potilasvahinkoapu Oy provides instructions for submitting a supervision letter.

The message must indicate:

1. the principal amount of the claim, the interest accrued on the principal until the commencement of the bankruptcy on 15 February 2021, the interest required for the period after the commencement of the bankruptcy and default interest and other penalties or, if the amount or ceiling cannot be stated, the reason;

2. the basis for the claim, sufficiently identified;

3. the basis for the interest, sufficiently specified, and the period for which the interest is claimed;

4. whether priority is claimed and on what basis the claim is based;

5. information on the establishment and content of the lien, if the creditor has the debtor's property as security for his claim;

6. the name and contact details of the creditor and the person or entity to whom bankruptcy supervision inquiries may be addressed;

7. the bank account to which any distribution may be allocated.

The creditor shall specify to the administrator the contract, commitment or other written evidence relied on by the creditor and where the documents are available if they are not provided to the administrator.

Suomen Patilasvahinkoapu says that it represents 113 Vastamo's customers, but no longer accepts new customers.

In total, the Vastamo database contained data of almost 32,000 people.

The customer relations of the warehouse have been transferred to Verve and the customer information to Kela.

Therapy relationships began with Verve Terapia, which acquired Vastamo's operations, from a clean slate.

Vastamo, which became worthless as a result of the breach, was sold in the summer of 2019, when former CEO Ville Tapio and his parents sold its majority stake to Intera Partners' holding company PTK Midco for approximately EUR 10 million.

The buyer and Tapiot are in a legal dispute over the demands to cancel the deal.

The decision is made in an arbitral tribunal, ie the trial is not public.