• Delta variant, new peak in Great Britain: over nine thousand infections

  • Delta variant, Draghi: "If necessary, quarantine for those arriving from GB"


June 17, 2021 The gym in the city area of ​​Milan where 14 positive cases of Covid were found, 5 of which with the Delta variant, closed for a week. This was decided by the management of the gym "as a precaution", starting tomorrow, with "the primary objective of protecting the health of customers and staff". This was announced by a note from ATS Milan.

“This decision was taken while waiting for the ATS to complete the contact tracing activity of club visitors, made possible by the timely registration of accesses that it carries out at its facilities. The company made the decision to close the club despite the results of the inspection carried out by the same ATS yesterday confirmed full compliance with the anti-contagion protocols ",  explains

The news is not good because there are 5 cases of positive infections, the "ex Indian" variant, 9 are still being analyzed by the laboratories in charge. Sequencing was requested for 2 Sars-CoV-2 positive people. The closure serves to complete the search for variants on the cases identified and the tracing and execution of the swabs completed.