The man receives an additional two years' imprisonment for the eight-year prison sentence he was sentenced to in the district court;

thus now ten years in prison.

He has been found guilty by the Court of Appeal of two cases of attempted murder.

It was on New Year's Eve in Gislaved that the three people celebrated together.

At night they started arguing and two of them were stabbed.

The victims are a couple and the perpetrator is the woman's relative.

"Regarding the origin of the attack, the Court of Appeal finds that all the people who were in the apartment that night have told that there was a quarrel about drugs,"

it says in the Court of Appeal's judgment.

Life-threatening injuries

The woman was stabbed in the face, stomach and arms and received life-threatening injuries.

Among other things, one of the lungs was damaged, but she survived.

The man was stabbed in the upper body and also survived.

The man is now sentenced to ten years in prison for the knife attack, but he himself says that he does not remember the incident due to drugs.

He has previously testified that he has had a close relationship with his relative while growing up and that he does not care so much about the punishment.

He says it must have been he who caused the damage because no one else was there.

He must pay damages to the couple of a total of 265,000 kronor.