Several cafés that SVT talks to testify to problems with seagulls stealing food and coffee - every day.

- They often snag the food as soon as the guest turns his back, says Josefin Söderberg, master barista at Espresso House in Karlskrona.

It is the property owner and in some cases the municipality that is responsible for counteracting problems with seagulls.

Karlskrona municipality has not received any complaints, but reports of the seagulls' troublesome behavior on social media have reached the municipality's environmental office.

- The best thing is to work preventively, for example remove nests.

Seagulls like to lay their nests on flat roofs, so you can already think about that when building a house.

Many also put spikes on roofs and gutters to ward off the birds, says Anna Martinsson, environmental inspector.

Hear café staff talk about the seagull attacks on the outdoor cafes in the video