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Banco Santander and Correos have made it possible with: Correos Cash, a delivery service for cash at home anywhere in Spain.

The agreement between both entities also provides other more common basic financial services, aimed especially at customers in rural areas, in whose towns there are no offices or bank branches to go to, but there are Post Offices.

It's ten o'clock.

The time has come for the distribution of letters in El Higueral, a village that belongs to the municipality of Iznájar, a municipality of about 4,000 inhabitants located in the province of Córdoba, in which María del Mar works as a portfolio.

The neighbors of the village receive her with affection.

The increasingly pronounced absence of population in the area, makes any conversation the best time of day to socialize and share the exploits of the previous days.

Salvador, a farmer and native of these lands, remembers with longing the past years, when the village, although small, vibrated with the bustle of its neighbors and received tourists and visitors interested in learning more about the history of the region.

Jorge, a businessman already then and director of a small hotel called Caserío de Iznájar, was clear about the richness of the environment in which he lived, its gastronomy, its customs and all those charms that made the area the preferred destination for those who wanted to disconnect from the big city. Returning to the rural world was always a good recipe to reduce stress and, there was Jorge's small hotel, the ideal space to receive his clients with open arms.

The course of the years changed everything. Fewer and fewer chose to continue their lives in the village. The big city offered more job opportunities, better salaries and an adventure to live to be able to count the grandchildren. In this way, little by little, Iznájar, and the 19 districts that make it up, saw their population greatly reduced. And in the same proportion, the basic services typical of any community were reduced.

The same happened in other parts of the Peninsula.

Towns, municipalities and villages saw their population drastically reduced at the same speed that their basic services disappeared.

In fact, the most affected autonomous communities were and continue to be today, Castilla y León, Aragón, Extremadura and Asturias.

The Castilian-Leonese municipalities, for example, have lost 88% of their inhabitants in just 20 years.

Aware of this new context created, Correos and Banco Santander combine their efforts to guarantee basic financial services, whether you live in a village, town or mountain.

And they succeed.


Correos Cash


makes this a reality and enables, from the first quarter of 2021, cash withdrawal and deposit services to be carried out at the 4,675 Correos citizen service points (2,393 offices and 2,282 rural service points), as well as take money to any address in Spain through postmen.

This option is integrated into the bank's app, through a very simple and intuitive process, for those customers who already use it;

the rest only need a Santander bank card and identity document to be able to carry out this type of operation from any Post Office.

The operation is free for bank customers in those Post Offices located in municipalities where the entity does not have a physical presence (two operations per month).

In 75% of the municipalities with less than 1,000 inhabitants, where Banco Santander is not present, there is a Correos service point, which is enabling the bank to reach 66% of the population that until now did not have a cash service in your municipality.

A practical, innovative and simple to use solution that will bring the isolated population closer to towns and villages and will cut distances with the financial services that can be found in a big city.

Did you know about Correos that ...?

  • Born more than 300 years ago

  • Today it is the leading operator in the sector in Spain focused on internationalization, sustainability and digital transformation

  • With about 51,000 professionals, the company provides a service to citizens through its network of 2,370 offices, distributing 7.5 million daily shipments

  • The Correos Group has three subsidiaries: Correos Express, dedicated to express parcels;

    Nexea, specialized in multichannel solutions for mass communications of companies;

    and Correos Telecom, in charge of the management and marketing of telecommunication infrastructures.

    Belonging to the SEPI Group, it is part of a business holding that includes a total of 15 public companies.

Did you know about Banco Santander that ...?

  • Banco Santander is a commercial bank founded in 1857 with headquarters in Spain.

  • It has a relevant presence in 10 key markets in Europe and America, and is one of the largest banks in the world by market capitalization.

  • 54% of Santander customers in Spain who live in spaces where the bank had no presence up to now are digital and thanks to this agreement they will be able to have basic financial services complementary to digital banking.

  • Santander already has 5.2 million digital clients in Spain that connect more than 22 times a month to the bank's app and website, which means that 68% of its active clients are digital clients.

  • Banco Santander is making progress in responsible banking and for this it has set several objectives, including facilitating more than 120,000 million euros in green financing from 2019 to 2025 and the financial inclusion of more than 10 million people in the same period.

  • At the end of the first quarter of 2021, Banco Santander had 1.1 trillion euros in total customer resources, 149 million customers, of which 23.4 million are linked and 44.2 million are digital, 10,800 branches and 190,000 employees.


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