In the past year, care staff have worked in extreme conditions where canceled holidays, long work shifts with many hours of overtime have been a normal situation.

To keep track of how the personnel feel, methods from the Armed Forces are used.

- The work environment inside iva has reminded me of the war zones that soldiers are exposed to.

What they have in common is also that they have fought against an external enemy, says Niclas Wisén, a psychologist and who previously worked in the Armed Forces.

Personal screen

Iva employees have been screened in the same way as soldiers returning from war.

It turned out that a third were in the risk zone.

Hear how Niclas Wisén describes the method in the clip:

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Niclas Wisén is a psychologist and has developed support for IVA personnel based on the Swedish Armed Forces' methods.

Photo: Ann Sehlin / SVT

Autumn care debt

At covid-iva, it is currently calm because no patient is cared for there, but the staff does not dare to blow the danger over.

This autumn, a long queue of patients in need of care is also waiting. 

- We must dare to slow down and take the care debt at the pace that the staff can handle, says Håkan Kalzén.