June 17, 2021 The long-awaited Green pass is coming: it will be the green light for travel, shows, matches and anything else that can be done in this post-covid summer

In digital or printed format, after the signature of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, from July 1st it becomes a reality.

Details for the issue and the answers to the Faq are on the dedicated website, already operational, even if all the certifications associated with vaccinations carried out until June 17 will be made available by June 28.

For any information you can also contact the toll-free number of the Immuni App 800.91.24.91, active every day from 8 to 20.

This is how the green pass, issued by the Ministry of Health, works. It is obtained after vaccination or a negative test or recovery from Covid-19, the Certification is automatically issued in digital and printable format from the national platform. When the Certification is available, you will receive a message via sms or email, to the contacts communicated at the time of the vaccine or test or issue of the recovery certificate; the message contains an authentication code (authcode) and brief instructions to recover the certification.

Certification can be acquired from different channels independently with access via digital identity (Spid / Cie) or with the Health Card (or with the Identity Document if you are not registered with the NHS) in combination with the unique code received via email or sms; in the electronic health record; through the "Immuni" App.

The certification contains a QR Code with essential information. Operators authorized to check must only show the QR Code both in the digital version, directly from a smartphone or tablet, and in the paper version. If the certificate is valid, the verifier will only see a graphic sign on his mobile device (green light) and personal data: name and surname and date of birth. The verifier may also ask to show a valid identity document.

Verification of the authenticity of the certificate is carried out by authorized operators, for example in ports and airports, exclusively through the Verification C19 app, in respect of privacy. If you do not have digital tools, you can retrieve the certificate both in digital and paper version with the Health Card and with the help of an intermediary: general practitioner, pediatrician of free choice, pharmacist.

For a transitional period, until 30 June 2021, the documents issued by the ASL, laboratories, doctors and pharmacies certifying the vaccination, the recovery from the infection or the negative result of a molecular or antigenic test carried out in the previous 48 hours will have the same validity as the green certification COVID-19 - EU digital covid certificate. As an alternative to the digital version, the Certification can be requested from your GP, pediatrician or pharmacy using your health card.