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Welcome to this European Championship live blog on NU.nl.

My name is Sam Blom and I will keep you informed of all developments around the European Championship.

Lots of fun!

  • Program:

  • 6 p.m.:

  • Denmark-Belgium (Group B)

  • 21.00 o'clock:

  • Netherlands-Austria (Group C)

  • Rash:

  • Ukraine-North Macedonia 2-1

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Will there be only Danish fans in the stadium soon?

No definitely not.


Hi guys!



AuthorBelgian Red DevilsMoment of places13: 51 - June 17, 2021

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We are shifting our focus to Parken stadium, where the teams from Denmark and Belgium are waiting for a special duel.

The duel in Copenhagen is of course dominated by Christian Eriksen, as the teams announced in advance that there will be applause in the tenth minute.

a few seconds ago

With this result, the Netherlands can secure the first place in Group C tonight. A victory over Austria is sufficient for that.

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Due to a strong first half, Ukraine wins 2-1 against North Macedonia.

Yarmolenko and Yaremchuk provided a reassuring Ukrainian lead at halftime.

North Macedonia came back strongly after the break, but did not get further than a penalty from Alioski that was used in two.

Malinovsky, on the other hand, missed another penalty.

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90 + 4 'Great attempt by the industrious Trajkovski, but his long shot flies past.

a few seconds ago

90 'North Macedonia has four minutes left to find an equalizer.

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a few seconds ago

Due to this missed penalty by Malinovsky, it remains exciting in Bucharest for a while.

a few seconds ago

84 'Ukraine misses penalty kick!

North Macedonia is still alive!

Malinovsky's penalty kick is saved by Dimitrievski.

Unlike Alioski, Malinovsky does not get a rebound.

a few seconds ago

83' Penalty kick Ukraine!

From a free kick the ball hits a Macedonian arm and Rapallini is relentless.

a few seconds ago

82 'Referee Rapallini goes to the side to look at the screen for a possible penalty for Ukraine.

a few seconds ago

78 'Ukraine also changes again.

Shaparenko is pulled to the side by Shevchenko.

Serhiy Sydorchuk is his replacement.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

77 'Enis Bardi moves to the side at North Macedonia and is replaced by Daniel Avramovski.

a few seconds ago

74 'Substitute Viktor Tsygankov, who has replaced Yarmolenko, gets the chance to restore Ukraine's reassuring margin.

However, he shoots wide.

The other Ukrainian goalscorer, Yaremchuk, also had to leave the field.

Artem Besedin is his replacement.

a few seconds ago

Another twenty minutes in Bucharest.

North Macedonia has a strong start after the break and halved the deficit via Alioski.

Still, a victory does not seem to be in it for the European Championship debutant, so that the Orange could already secure the group win tonight.

a few seconds ago

69 'The second half is a world of difference compared to the first.

An equalizer for North Macedonia would not be illogical in view of the game.

Bardi now tries, but chases the ball a few meters over.

a few seconds ago

68 'Trajkovski tries again from a distance and Bushchan has a lot of trouble with the bounce in the substitute's attempt.

He barely manages to tap the ball wide.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

65 'Karavaev is a great source of danger on that right side of Ukraine.

Again the wing defender puts back well.

Yarmolenko lets go and Malinovskyi hits Dimitrievski's fists.

a few seconds ago

Bushchan manages to save Alioski's penalty, but has no answer for the rebound.

a few seconds ago

57' GOAL North Macedonia! 


It has to be in two games, but Ezgjan Alioski brings North Macedonia back into the game.

Alioski's penalty is still saved by Bushchan, but the rebound is still spent on the left-back of Leeds United.

a few seconds ago

55' Penalty kick North Macedonia!

Will North Macedonia be back in the game here?

Substitute Trajokovski shoots brilliantly through goalkeeper Bushchan on the crossbar, after which Pandev is brought down.

a few seconds ago

51 'Ukraine gets a free kick on the side in a place that invites for a cross, but Malinovsky suddenly tries.

He is not unkind and he forces Bushchan to a stylish rescue.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

47 'North Macedonia starts strongly in the second half and immediately gets a good chance for the connecting goal.

Pandev turns away and gives in well to Arijan Ademi, but he encounters goalkeeper Bushchan.

a few seconds ago

46 'North Macedonia starts the second half with two changes.

Aleksandar Trajkovski has replaced Boban Nikolov and Darko Churlinov replaces Stefan Spirovski.

a few seconds ago

Andriy Yarmolenko and Roman Yaremchuk can rightly be called the Ukrainian royal couple this European Championship.

The duo were responsible for Ukraine's two hits against the Netherlands and thanks to hits from the two attackers, Andrij Shevchenko's team leads 2-0 against North Macedonia halfway through.

a few seconds ago


Ukraine has no child in North Macedonia and is ahead 2-0 halfway through hits from Yarmolenko and Miranchuk.

Goran Pandev thought to do something in return, but his beautiful marker was canceled due to offside.

With this score, the Orange squad can already take the first place in the group against Austria tonight.

a few seconds ago

43 'A classic dive by Mykola Shaparenko, who tries to decorate a penalty for Ukraine.

The Argentine referee Rapallini does not fall for it and shows the left attacker a yellow card.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

40 'Whew, North Macedonia escapes the 3-0 there.

Karavaev's low, hard cross is reversed and Dimitrievski finds the ball under his body just in time.

a few seconds ago

39' Goal North Macedonia rejected!

Goran Pandev finishes beautifully with a marker, but the flag then goes up and that is hardly justified.

a few seconds ago

34' GOAL Ukraine! 


Five minutes after the opening goal, Ukraine doubles the lead.

Yarmolenko sends Roman Yaremchuk away and the striker does a good job this time: he slides the ball into the short corner.

a few seconds ago

This goal by Yarmolenko is also good news for the Orange: if Ukraine does not lose this afternoon, the Netherlands can already secure the group win tonight with a win over Austria.

a few seconds ago

29' GOAL Ukraine! 


There's the long-awaited opening goal!

Andriy Yarmolenko first encounters Dimitrievski, but from the following corner he can tap the ball in at the far post.

a few seconds ago

21 'Ukraine is trying to destroy the defense of North Macedonia at a high pace, but in the final phase it often just doesn't fit.

Yarmolenko gets the opportunity to cut to his left leg after an outbreak, but Musliu manages to block his shot.

Yarmolenko was brilliantly accurate against the Netherlands.

a few seconds ago

Ukraine started the game strongly and already had a good chance to open the score via Yaremchuk, but the attack leader failed to pull the trigger.

a few seconds ago

16 'North Macedonia seems to have survived the first Ukrainian storm and is starting to report more.

A low cross from the right is worked into the side net by Elmas.

a few seconds ago

15 'The Macedonians were there for the first time, but Enis Bardi's attempt is blocked and Boban Nikolov then produces a rejection.

a few seconds ago

11 'Chance for Ukraine!

Roman Yaremchuk cleverly turns away and can continue towards the Macedonian target.

The striker of AA Gent can print, but chooses to go to Malinovskyi.

However, that pass is intercepted.

In this way, Ukraine's opening goal is not long in coming.

a few seconds ago

7 'Ukraine is starting to increase the pressure.

Ruslan Malinovsky gets the first real opportunity, but Dimitrievski turns the ball into the short corner.

Yaremchuk just missed the corner that followed.

a few seconds ago

3 'The first goal attempt comes from the foot of right back Oleksandr Karavaev.

After Macedonian goalkeeper Dimitrievski boxed the ball away, Karavaev volleyed over.

a few seconds ago

Kick off! 

Ukraine and North Macedonia are hunting for the first points at this European Championship.

For the Macedonians, that would be the first points ever in a final round.

a few seconds ago

The players come onto the field and in North Macedonia Goran Pandev leads the way.

He has just reported in the players tunnel and can therefore start, despite the premature termination of the warm-up.

a few seconds ago

Ukraine fans are ready in Bucharest.

a few seconds ago

Goran Pandev seems to have slipped in the warm-up and has disappeared into the catacombs.

So it remains to be seen whether the Macedonian eye-catcher will be kicking off in fifteen minutes.

a few seconds ago

Orange therefore has an interest in the loss of points from Goran Pandev's North Macedonia.

If the Macedonians fail to beat Ukraine, the Netherlands will be crowned group winner tonight with a win over Austria.

a few seconds ago

The Arena Nationala in Bucharest is slowly filling up.

Thirteen thousand supporters are allowed to be present in the stadium.

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