The most beautiful places just around the corner

Why fly far away to the other end of the world? If long trips are too risky due to Corona or other concerns, you still don't have to do without vacation. On the contrary: according to the motto “It's most beautiful at home” you can easily discover great, exciting places in Germany this summer. Whether a beach holiday on the Baltic Sea, Lake Constance or a hiking holiday with culinary diversity on the Moselle - a holiday in Germany offers a lot more than expected. Use a voucher for your next booking and save on numerous accommodations. The advantage of domestic travel? In most cases you do not need a negative PCR test to gain access to your hotel or holiday apartment. Last-minute vacations are also possible.Likewise, you usually don't need to go into quarantine after your return. So nothing stands in the way of your summer holiday in 2021!

Flexible travel on European trips

Beach, warm climate and exciting excursion spots - due to the progressive corona vaccinations and the associated relaxation, vacation abroad is possible again this summer. On Secret Escapes you will find the best offers for all types of accommodation in your preferred vacation spot, as well as attractive package tours. In addition to discount promotions for chalets in Switzerland, you can also make the best deal for your next vacation in Mallorca or Crete with a Secret Escapes voucher on the travel platform. In your search, you can specify holiday homes with a pool or other requirements in your request, depending on your preferences. For all early birds there are the early bird offers 2021, with which you can not only reserve a room in the hotel of your choice, but also save money. The best:For most holiday apartments and all other accommodations, you have the option of canceling free of charge. In this way, you can rebook or cancel your trip even if changes are made at short notice. For all country-specific entry requirements or quarantine requirements, it is best to check the recommendations of the Federal Foreign Office.

Plan your next trip with a sufficient budget

If you have to check your account balance after every dinner or excursion on vacation, you definitely cannot switch off during your trip.

To prevent this from happening, you have the opportunity to take advantage of various financing options thanks to an N26 voucher.

So you can carefree visit all the sights on vacation and try your way through all the foreign food and drinks.

Double plus: with an N26 Mastercard Debit you can withdraw money at home and abroad free of charge and pay free of charge in any currency.

You will also receive travel insurance from Allianz, including travel cancellation insurance.

Not only are you well positioned financially, but you can also plan and enjoy your vacation with great flexibility.

Pack the right clothes

Everyone knows it: you want to be prepared for any potential change in the weather and you pack way too much clothing. There are also cosmetics, towels, shoes and other things. So think carefully about what things you want to pack and whether you really need them. If you can't decide, you should at least consider a space-saving packing technique. But what else is there? Rolling or folding clothes? While you can pack your clothes into your suitcase faster with the folding technique, clothes rolls are actually more space-saving. If you would like to shop for beautiful swimwear or clothes for hot days for your summer holiday in 2021, you will find the right outfit with an About You voucher.

All in all, with the right preparations, you can go on vacation again this summer with no worries. Be it a European trip, a holiday in Germany or a farm holiday - browse the offers on the travel platforms and let yourself be inspired.