The US telecommunications authorities have decided on a new policy not to certify any products of five high-tech companies such as China's telecommunications equipment giant "Huawei", aiming to thoroughly exclude them from the domestic telecommunications network.

The US telecommunications authority, FCC = Federal Communications Commission, announced on the 17th that five Chinese high-tech companies such as "Huawei" and "ZTE", which are major telecommunications equipment companies, and "Hikvision", which is a major surveillance camera company, are on security. We have decided on a new policy not to certify any products as it poses a threat to ZTE.

We are also considering revoking the certification that has already been issued.

The FCC has previously banned domestic telecommunications companies that have received government subsidies from purchasing products from Chinese tech companies, but this decision also uses companies that have not received subsidies. The aim is to thoroughly lock out Chinese products from domestic communication networks.

The Biden administration is tightening the ban on Chinese tech companies from investing in stocks by Americans, and is tightening it by cooperating with allies and others to remove it from the supply chain, but China is repulsing. However, the conflict between the two countries is deepening.