Chinanews, June 18th, a comprehensive report, forget the "pigeon eggs", there are "egg drills" here!

In a mine in the landlocked African country of Botswana, people found an egg-sized diamond weighing more than one kilogram.

It is believed that this is the third largest diamond in the world.

  According to reports, the mining company Debswana recently announced the discovery of a giant diamond weighing 1,098 carats.

This "egg drill" is 73 mm long, 52 mm wide and 27 mm thick.

There is no name yet.

On June 16, local time, a diamond of about 1,098 carats mined in Botswana is considered the third largest gem-quality diamond in the world.

  According to Reuters, the diamond discovered this time is considered the third largest diamond in the world so far, second only to the Cullinan diamond (3,106 carats) discovered in South Africa in 1905 and the Lukla Diamond Company discovered in Botswana in 2015 Another diamond weighing 1109 carats-the diamond was named "Our Light".

  Debswana is a joint venture between the government of Botswana and the global diamond giant De Beers. Both parties hold 50% of the shares and own a total of four large diamond mines.

The Zhuwaneng mining area where the "egg diamond" was discovered this time is the largest. It has been in operation since 1972 and is considered to have the richest diamond mine in the world.

  "This is the largest diamond discovered by Deb Swana in its business history for more than 50 years," said General Manager Armstrong.

"Based on our preliminary analysis, it may be the third largest gem-grade diamond in the world. We have not yet decided whether to sell it through De Beers or the state-owned Okavango Diamond Company (Botswana)."

  Botswana’s Minister of Mining and Mining Moahi said that after the new crown epidemic hit diamond sales in 2020, the timing of the discovery of the diamond could not be better.

  Botswana is a major diamond producer in Africa.