In the United States, a large brown bear was rescued from hanging up to the top of a power pole.

According to the Associated Press and the New York Post, reports were received on the 7th that a brown bear was on a pole in Wilcox, Arizona.

After the local power company assessed the situation, they dispatched an employee, Warner Newbauer.

Upon arriving at the scene, Newbauer immediately turned off the electricity to avoid the bear's risk of electrocution, and took the lift up to the side where the bear was hanging.

He stabbed the bear's body with a 2.4-metre-long plastic stick.

The bear first hit the stick with its paws or even bit with its mouth, but then slowly descended the pole and fled across the nearby desert.

"I said (to the bear) that I would help him get off the pole," he said.

The bear was not injured, and the power outage lasted about 15 minutes during the rescue, Newbauer said.  

(Photo = AP, Yonhap News)