China News Service, June 17th. According to a report by Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, Wang Mingjie, a young Singaporean from a low-income family, never felt that he was out of the way. He worked hard to learn and actively seized opportunities for self-improvement. College students will enter the Accounting Department of Nanyang Technological University in August.

  The 22-year-old Wang Mingjie graduated from the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Business School the year before and was one of the outstanding graduates of the school.

He completed national service last May and is currently working part-time, helping to make up for his family.

  Wang Mingjie lives with his family in a three-room HDB flat in Hongshan.

His parents have only secondary school education, his father is a cleaner, his mother is a housewife, and his 17-year-old sister is studying at Nanyang Technological Institute.

  He and his sister benefited from the Ministry of Education's financial aid program when they were in elementary school.

Wang Mingjie said that his father insisted on self-reliance and tried his best not to seek help from others. The family did not apply for other financial assistance.

"It wasn't until more than six years ago that the father who was a warehouse manager had liver cirrhosis and had to undergo surgery, and was unable to work for about a year. We did not begin to receive support from the Chinese community.

  Wang Mingjie and his sister benefited from the bursary of the China Aid-Clan Association, and with the assistance of the China Aid Association, they also applied for the Information Communication Media Development Bureau's Freshman Computer Program, received funding to buy computers, and also passed some assistance programs to save a lot of money. School expenses.

  He believes that what is even more rare is that he has the opportunity to participate in enrichment courses offered by the China Aid Association and enter the workplace through the China Aid Association's cooperation plan with other companies.

  "When I went to the Polytechnic Institute, I was recommended by the China Aid Association to participate in a training program in a bank and was selected to participate in a workplace internship. These experiences exercise my soft skills and self-confidence. After I have a better understanding of the financial workplace, I am more certain to want to Enter the accounting industry."

  Wang Mingjie said, “Some people may think that a low-income family background restricts personal development. But I believe that as long as they are not discouraged and work hard, they will definitely have the opportunity to improve their lives.”