Hong Kong police have arrested five top executives in the editorial department of the newspaper Ringo Daily, which is known for its critical tone to China, on suspicion of violating the Hong Kong National Security Law.

Hong Kong police announced on the morning of the 17th that they had arrested five men and women on suspicion of violating the Hong Kong National Security Law, which cracks down on anti-government movements.

It is suspected that it has colluded with foreign powers and harmed national security.

According to several media outlets, including the Hong Kong newspaper "Ringo Daily," which is known for its critical tone in China, the five are the head of the editorial department of Ringo Daily, Mr. Luo Weikou, and the head of the management department.

Early in the morning of the 17th, Ringo Daily reported on SNS that a large number of police officers were searching for the head office.

Regarding the apple daily report, he was sentenced to prison for participating in an unauthorized rally in connection with several protests carried out by the founder Jimmy Lai, and was held in prison and maintained national security. The trial continues on charges of violating the law.

Hong Kong police officers have repeatedly accused Ringo Daily of saying, "The false reports are arousing the hatred of society."

With the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party and the anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China on the 1st of next month, there are concerns in Hong Kong about the continuation of the Ringo Daily, which continues to be critical of the government.

Hong Kong police coverage materials can also be seized

Hong Kong police searched the headquarters of Ringo Daily to collect evidence of the incident early in the morning of the 17th.

In the video posted on SNS by Ringo Daily, police vehicles arrived at the head office one after another, and many police officers were seen entering the building.

According to the search warrant from the court, the police can seize materials related to the interview based on Article 43 of the National Security Maintenance Law, and there is a risk that the police will know the source of the reporter's interview.

Article 43 of the National Security Law states that "you can investigate places and electronic equipment where evidence of crime may remain."