Heavy rains in Nepal caused disasters that killed at least 8 people, including Chinese citizens

  Xinhua News Agency, Kathmandu, June 16 (Reporter Yi Aijun and Zhou Shengping) Nepalese officials told Xinhua News Agency reporters on the 16th that the disaster caused by heavy rains caused the death of at least 7 people in Sindupalchok County in northern Nepal.

The Chinese Embassy in Nepal confirmed on the same day that the disaster caused the disappearance of 3 Chinese citizens, and the body of one of them has been found.

  Sinduparchok County Magistrate Arun Pokarel said that this round of heavy rains began on the evening of the 14th. At present, 7 people have died in floods and mudslides caused by heavy rains, and more than 10 people have died. Missing.

  A camp at the Marangchi Water Diversion Project, which aims to supply water to the Kathmandu Valley, was destroyed in a disaster caused by heavy rainfall.

Pant, spokesman for the Marangchi Water Supply Development Committee, said that 18 people have been rescued from the scene, 3 Chinese and 4 Indians are missing, and rescue operations are continuing.

The Chinese Embassy in Nepal subsequently confirmed to Xinhua News Agency reporters that the body of a missing Chinese citizen had been found.

  At present, the Nepalese government has transferred 250 soldiers and policemen from the capital Kathmandu to Sindupaljok County to provide support to the local security forces.

  Nepal has now entered the rainy season.

Every year in the rainy season, floods and mudslides caused by rainfall will cause a large number of casualties and property losses in Nepal.