China News Service, June 17th. According to the US "World Journal" report, the Chinatown of Los Angeles, the United States has a red light, and several robberies have occurred in the past few days. The victims included many heads of overseas Chinese groups.

Liao Meihua, chairman of the Chinese Association, said that he has contacted Zhao Yilong, a Chinese police officer of the Los Angeles City Police Department, to arrange a seminar on how to prevent crime in a short period of time.

  In Los Angeles Chinatown, many women had similar experiences. They were all approached by a South Asian woman under the pretext of asking for directions, and then presented gold ornaments to thank them for help, and stole the gold ornaments from them by "stealing the dragon and turning the phoenix". It was not until they returned home that they found out that they had been stolen.

  Liao Meihua said that the situation of Lei Yi has been constantly appearing in Chinatown recently. An overseas Chinese leader watered flowers and grass at the door of his home, a car stopped to ask him for directions, and then a man got off the car and asked for a gold ring to thank him. He suspected that the other party was " The "Golden Light Party" or "Confusion Party" wittily asked the other party to keep their distance, and the other party saw that the strategy had not succeeded and left.

  Liao Meihua said that according to the descriptions of many overseas Chinese leaders, the suspected scammers or robbers were from the same group, who looked like South Asians. They were usually one man and three women, or two men and two women, or three women in a gray or dark car. Colored cars, wandering around the streets near Chinatown looking for targets.

Liao Meihua said that when she was walking on the sidewalk near the Chinese Club at noon, a gray car suddenly stopped by the road. A woman pretended to ask her how to get to Pasadena from Highway 101. There were no valuables on the board, and the other party drove away immediately.

  In the face of successive robberies or frauds in Chinatown, Liao Meihua said that she and Vice Chairman Li Jinsheng have contacted the Chinese police officer of the Los Angeles City Police Department Zhao Yilong to arrange a seminar on how to prevent crimes, so that the heads of the Chinatown community and overseas Chinese groups will stay alert. Protect personal safety and avoid property loss.