The future Frankfurt coalition of the Greens, SPD, FDP and Volt does not intend to induce the residents of a building in the Rödelheim district to pay rent for almost 40 years.

The so-called autonomous cultural center and housing project with the address “In der Au 14-16”, like other buildings in the city managed by left-wing autonomists, “will not be touched”, promised the Green City Councilor Bastian Bergerhoff in the main and finance committee of the city council assembly.

There are far more important issues in the city, added Bergerhoff, who is to become treasurer in the future city government.

Michael Müller (Die Linke) cut into the same notch.

"There is not a single reason to change anything in the current state of the autonomous centers," he said.

Ralf Euler

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung, responsible for the Rhein-Main section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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    The CDU and the BFF / BIG parliamentary group, on the other hand, demand in separate applications that the magistrate conclude a rental agreement with the occupiers of the "Au".

    Since buying the building, which was already occupied at the time, in 1988, the city has lost income that is urgently needed for schools, kindergartens and social institutions, argues the CDU.

    In addition, the municipality is left with the costs of street cleaning, garbage disposal, building insurance and heating emission measurements.

    The fact that the squatters have now been living at the expense of the general public for decades should be perceived by even the Greens as “not quite right,” said CDU parliamentary group leader Nils Kößler in the committee.

    The BFF parliamentary group leader Mathias Mund recalled that the future Roman alliance with the FDP would include a party which in the past had even called for the evacuation of the "Au" several times. FDP parliamentary group leader Annette Rinn announced that her parliamentary group would seek permanent legal agreements with the occupiers, in particular on building safety, fire protection and environmental regulations. The CDU, which had been a member of the city government for 25 years and most recently appointed the head of the security and law department, accused them of inaction in dealing with the autonomous centers. "The CDU has really done nothing in this matter."